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11 Open Lectures at Slovenian universities in first half of the year 2014

Slovenia is a small country under the Alps so it is not surprising that a local SAP office is also limited in size. We don’t have many experts and developers but we still have handful number of great colleagues from services and presales, who supports UA activities while delivering lectures about SAP solutions at Slovenian faculties. Important stakeholders are also SAP customers and partners as they can deliver real-case messages to the students. And these information are often even more valuable and as well generally searched by students and professors. In the year 2014 we continue delivering lectures on various topics at member and non-member UA institutions. We are doing our best while trying to deliver lectures in line with needs of professors on one hand, and to bring message about the NEW SAP and all great opportunities for students on another.

We started the series of open lectures at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, where colleague Uros, who was presales specialist for SAP BI and SAP HANA (now he is presales specialist for HANA Enterprise Cloud), delivered the lecture about SAPs’ Big Data Platform for Real-Time Business. Students got an insights what SAP HANA actually is and in how many different ways it can be used. They also got familiar with the SAP BI 4.0 tools that enables reporting or self-service exploration and visualisations of data which offers instant insights and better decision making for end-users.

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Next lecture was at Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Maribor where another presales colleague presented SAP Enterprise Mobility solutions. Tomaz Breznik explained the facts on the usage of mobile and smartphone devices in these days, clarified why is this topic important for SAP and how is this incorporated into our strategy. During the rest of presentation students got to know about SAP Mobile platform and what are its’ benefits, followed by the demos of different types of mobile applications – for Mobile Employees and Managers, Mobile workers and for customers. After colleagues’ presentation I have introduced also Academy Cube platform to students and explained how can they up-skill themselves through e-learnings which are available on Academy Cube.

In January I was invited by prof. Likar to have the first open lecture at Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences in Maribor. I held presentation about the NEW SAP for part-time students, where majority of them had never heard about SAP and few of them had known the SAP as an ERP provider. Professor and students were quite surprised what SAP can offer under Applications, Analytics, Mobile, D&T and Cloud pillars. After presentation we had quite long discussion about our solutions, especially about SAP HANA and different types of its usage and also about how they could acquire SAP knowledge through our free offerings, like openSAP.

March 2014 was very active while I have continued with the »NEW SAP« series of lectures. I had a lecture at existing UA member – Faculty of organisational sciences, University of Maribor, and my first presentation at UA member institution which joined our family last year – Faculty of information studies from Novo Mesto. At this lecture also the director of SAP partner company itelis, Mr. Mitja Buda, joined me and presented the topic The best Implementations are
based on SAP best practices,
with thefocus on Automotive industry, for which this partner is specialised.

In March we also hosted firs group of students in our new SAP Slovenia premises. This group was from another »UA freshmen« institution which joined UA last year – MLC College. Firstly I presented what are the demands to todays’ business software and what SAP has to offer to meet these demands. During the second part of presentation students got familiar with opportunities and offerings for students within UAP, from openSAP and Academy Cube, to events and competitions. At the end of the event, colleague Tine, a working student at SAP Slovenia and also SAP Student Ambassador, shared his experience at SAP and explained how can they, as students of UA member institution, gain competitive advantage while using UA offerings.


I have concluded March with the lecture – Introduction to SAP and Opportunities for Students at Faculty of business and economics, University of Maribor. After my introductory presentation, the deputy of IT director for e-business at SAP customer Gorenje, presented to students how this company is using SAP for their sales operations.

I believe that April, May and June were consultants’ and partners’ months. At the beginning of May my colleague Sandi Cemazar who is senior HR consultant and Local Product Manager HCM delivered the lecture about Information system for HR at Faculty of business and economics. Students got more familiar with the HR function within organisations, which are the processes and tasks of HR departments and how are these processes supported and managed with SAP HR module.


In May we were back at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana where Chief Operations Officer at partner company Avtenta shared with students his experiences in SAP implementation projects.

Colleague Natasa Rojec Spindler from Ecosystem & Solution Center concluded the series of open lectures in H1 2014 at Faculty of Business and Economics. She delivered now already the traditional lecture about what is, and how, ASAP Methodology is used during implementation projects. She also explained what is the difference between ASAP and ASAP Focus Methodology.


Through all month of July we organised workshop series of »SAP School« at Faculty of Business and Economics for students who completed regular SAP GBI course with more than 85%. With the support of consultants, Head of Finance and Accounting and SAP Student Ambassador we have executed four workshops that you can read about in another blog.

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