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Nursing and The Cloud

     Nursing, like most modern careers, is going to require cloud applications to keep up with the changing times.  It will soon become a regulatory and key component for all jobs in health care to control data in the most effective way. SAP is helping me better understand the importance of cloud computing and how I should apply for jobs accordingly.

     When searching for a hospital to work for, a modern nurse should seek a medical center that utilizes cloud computing.  Some hospitals are responsibly using the cloud to organize patients, review charts, and improve patient care.  Some hospitals provide their doctors and nurses with iPads so they can have their schedules well organized, which allows them to stay on track with their appointments and fit in more patients.  With the data that can be inputted to these iPads during and after patient treatments and appointments doctors and researchers can link similarities between symptoms or diseases and improve treatment options by comparing multiple cases. For example, if a certain disease has a survival rate of 70% the cloud can help tell what was similar between the cases that survived so they can better treat new and existing patients.

     The future of medicine is here and I want to be on the front of the lines by working at a hospital that is ahead of the curve and is making the necessary improvements and advances.  The obstacle that I face is that universities are not improving their curriculum to keep up. Villanova College of Nursing releases all four years of a nursing students classesand not one of them includes any technological training.  My university will teach me and my classmates the biology and anatomy that comes with being a nurse but any advances in cloud computing would have to cut into time that could be used to be with patients but instead is needed to train the hospital staff once we start our careers.

     This new age of technology is unavoidable and I plan to raise questions and awareness of the necessity of the cloud while at my university to hopefully move towards innovation.

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