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My First Job Experience: SAP

      For the past month I have had to answer the question what are you doing this summer? I always answer with a cheerful, I’m interning at SAP! To which most people stare at me blankly and ask for an explanation.  I love explaining to people that I was given such a fantastic opportunity to listen and learn about the corporate world from a company with so much experience. There have, however, been many instances where I was surprised by what I have seen or heard while at SAP.

     The most pleasant surprise that I encountered was walking into the SuccessFactors office and saw the beautiful architecture and views.  I felt at home and comfortable right away because of the friendliness and flexibility.  I was pleased to see a lack of cubicles, corner offices, and ties. I have grown up in school and the rest of my life surrounded by laid-back but hardworking attitudes; and SuccessFactors was no different.

     One of the first meetings I attended was to discuss how to reinvent the public’s opinion of SAP.  I mentioned that Google has had huge success by keeping their employees happy with perks, incentive, and modern technology.  During our conversation I said Google is even an old company! It had never occurred to me, a millennial born in 1996, that a company that I practically grew up with could be considered new.

      Millennial workers, myself included, look towards employers who are willing to work to find the tools to lead a diverse community of workers.  SAP is ready to take the next steps in preparing themselves for the workforce of the future.  This is one of the reasons that I am proud to say that I work for SAP.

      SAP tends to be seen as the “old man” of technology companies. This has its ups and downs; the downs being that SAP needs to reinvented their reputation so that modern clients are drawn to such an experienced on-premise and cloud company. I am beyond excited to possibly have a roll in that transition. SAP will be a leading company by allowing millennials, generation x, and baby-boomers alike to work together for the success of the company. I am glad to have my hand in that achievement

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