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MMForum: Write a compelling blog post describing how your studies will help you to enable safe and profitable mineral production

There is no doubting apparent conclusions relevant to studies enabling a profitable and safe harvest while considering the industry, sector and area involved be it you are staff of an IT organization, a low salary worker, a business magnet or just a common man and you may be drawing results, ideas, thoughts or examples crucial to your work.

The same becomes applicable when one mixes and matches studies with application which is the case here hitherto in the context that when you want to sit back and analyze how studies plays an important role as has been highlighted. The obvious facts cannot be ignored as one goes about trying to discern and demystify the ideas behind ensuring profitability, here for the sake of mineral production.

The conclusions are pretty obvious, majorly tilted in favor of studies when it comes to it and there is no point debating the same.

Compare successful projects where you rarely hear about accidents. What comes to mind in the role played by people who possess the expertise thereby enabling them to accomplish their task. Meeting the set standards was only a by product.

This leads back to the same question. Does studies really help in ensuring me to enable safe and profitable mineral production ?

The answer is yes.

Quoting abstract examples is a good way to go about arriving at strong conclusions. Lets’ face the fact.

Have you ever heard of a project being completed without an organizational problem averting many a crisis, where the application of experience,

eg. the building of a dam, building of roads, ensuring safe and profitable mining harvest

has been completed successfully by the common man who is lame and illiterate ? When faced with a dilemma it was educated people who possess the expertise to constitute a solution fit enough for negating problematic situations and overcoming hurdles thereby ensuring a profitable production scenario.

An argument could also be drafted in favor of those supporting and purporting untutored illiterates and goons running an organization and wildly deliberating half hatched eggs and going gaga over castles built in the sky. 

Observing staunchly, history has borne witness to the decimation of many such dreamy castles eg World War 2 where Germany wiped out most of Europe with tactical genius and weapons of mass destruction. Yes the dream did cave in for Germany like it’s neighbors just like the outcome of war ought to be but there is no debating the fact that weapons and war tactics would not have been possible without the educated society.

Think about the free masons, the Knights Templar, the Koo-Klux clan etc, secretive societies bent upon imposing their agenda, defamed and hated by many through a secretive manner that has lasted centuries standing the test of time and it is only the educated group’s who are it’s forefathers as only they can be. Another prime example is the christian church.

Taking an educated decision on this topic it is simple for me to say that a studious decision serves better than an untutored one as in the case of the latter, i consider a failure is assured and that experience though invaluable would still prove falling short of the finish line. No doubt that it is a  line which one draws out of fear and a dearth of knowledge.

This is saying that an educated person possess a much greater ability to make decisions without the fear of facing dilemmas and impositions of the social fabric.

eg.Vultures are scavengers that lurk and search for dead prey in the desert and feed of their dead meat and draw a circle of harvest based on the experience derived out of their hunting success rate. They do not possess intelligence and if so they would have become like humans with minds, abilities and capable of analysis. The same fact would apply to beings who are educated saying that the weapon that is education has given them and equipped them with capabilities enough to ensure and enable safe and profitable production, here for minerals.

Concisely putting things into perspective means i take a stand and say that my studies will surely enable a safe and profitable harvest.

Coming back to this day in stain age and to the question at hand i hear the echoes of the experienced professional’s voice echoing through the air taking me back into that dark alley which refutes my very conclusive choice. 

What about the scenario where one has absolutely no education but has experience in projects where a safe and profitable mineral production has been ensured ? One definitely has to factor this fact into the equation. 

Now ask yourself from where did the experienced guy’s experience stem from?

Did you not read from those projects on a real time basis where you had worked with people who where well educated ? Since this is a yes then it conclusively proves the point that a well educated man/woman is absolutely necessary to ensure and enable a safe and profitable mineral production.

And so then isn’t this fact true for other industries involving production as well ?

Summing things up, i sincerely believe that my education will help me enable a safe and profitable mineral production and the added advantage will be working with educated people is a plus point.

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