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Error on activating a SPOs that was created with template

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In a semantically partitioned object (SPO) was created based on a template object can cause an error during activation. Figure 1.1 shows the construction of a semantically partitioned DSOs. As a template DSO is used.


Figure 1.1: Construction of an SPO with template

When activating the SPOs, the error occurs Not possible to create external SAP HANA view for object <SPO>00 / Message no. RS2HANA_VIEW001“.

The error message is noted that attempts to generate an external SAP HANA View for an SPO (or a hybrid provider).


Figure 1.2: Error in activating

The cause of the error is in this case the templates DSO.In the templates DSO is the hallmark External SAP HANA View for reporting set, see Figure 1.3.


Figure 1.3: Indicator External SAP HANA View for reporting in the Template Obejkt

When creating the SPOs first the reference structure for the SPO is generated. The reference structure of SPOs used as a template for each partition of the SPOs.

At installation of the reference structure of the SPO object <SPO>00 the metadata of the original object are copied. The metadata of the template object also includes the indicator External SAP HANA View for reporting.

Currently does not support external SAP HANA views for semantically partitioned object (and HybridProvider). Therefore, the maintainance option for the indicator External SAP HANA View for reporting is for a semantically partitioned object (see Figure 1.4) not available.


Figure 1.4: Properties of the reference structure of the SOPs

We find the indicator HANAMODELFL (External SAP HANA view for BW object) in the table RSDODSO (Directory of all datastores), see Figure 1.5.


Figure 1.5: Indicator External SAP HANA view for BW object

To activate the SPO the indicator HANAMODELFL must be removed for the reference structure of the SPOs. The reference structure has the following naming convention <SPOname>00. Alternatively, you can search the reference structure on the name of the SPOs in the table RSDODSO (for cubes see table RSDCUBE). Figure 1.6 shows both variants.


Figure 1.6: Search reference structure of the SPO in the RSDODSO

remove indicator HANAMODELFL (SAP HANA View), see Figure 1.7 and save.


Figure 1.7: Remove indicator HANAMODELFL (SAP HANA View)

Subsequently, the SPO could be activated without error.

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