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Blog it Forward – Sara G Iyer

Hi SAP Gurus,

I’m called Sara G Iyer.

First of all I would like to thank my friend JAGATHSHREE IYER for inviting me to the BIF Family.


I wanted my BIF to be here after I get the PLATINUM badge. Today being our independence day there cant be any better day to post this BIF .


Discovery History of mine

I was born to an Army man serving “The Incredible India” . As dad had a transferable job , fortunately , got to stay in almost all states in India. Different corners have different culture here.
With that said, every part in India feels mine to me. 

Singarra Chennai.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/kathipara_517969.jpg



aditional attire of South India ( kerala saree )

I actually get confused as to which place should I associate myself with . So, an ideal mixture of north and south India I would call myself. I was born In Jhansi (U.P) in a Military Hospital, then the journey of my life to the adventurous Indian states along with my dad, started.


Different languages , living style , food, to keep it simple, each state is like a country here.  Talking of the language , in India ideally one state has one language “atleast” and hence some states have more than two languages, yes you did read it right , languages and not dialects. With that I can easily say, I understand more or less all the Indian languages and a few languges I speak fluently, include (although now all are Indian here) , English (US and UK), Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, German.


From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Assam, every part of India has its own specialties which distinguish the one from the other.


Kashmiri valleys and Shawls, cleanliness of Chandigarh,  cold Trek-able Shimla, Rivers of Punjab, Agra’s Taj Mahal, Delhi’s Kutubminar , Mathura’s Pedha , Jaipuri Dresses ,Jodhpuri slippers , Bihar’s Sattu Parathas , Gujarati Chats, Madhya pradesh’s Forests, Calcutta’s Ras Gulla, Sikkim’s Bed covers, Anunachal’s rich Himalayas, Nagaland: falcon (flora and fauna varieties) capital of the world, Hilly Mizoram, Primates of Tripura, Wrestling (Mary Kom, who can forget)  of Manipur, Assam’s Tea, Meghalaya’s rain , Odisha’s Handy crafts, running Mumbai, fun-loving Goa, Hyderabadi pearl , Kerala’s banana chips, Bangalore’s IT parks, Coorg’s Coffee, Chennai’s Kanjeevaram Silk Saree.


Kashmir to Kanyakumari , with mum dad and bro




I am a KV product . All my schooling was done in Kendriya Vidyalaya (Different States of course) till 12th.



My entry into SAP

Am Basically an Electrical & Electronics Engineer. Here in India most people become engineer then decide what career path they would be choosing 😉 same was with me as well. Hence, I spent 4 years for my engineering with the Machines, Motors, generators, transformers, in the Electrical//Electronics/Mechanical laboratory. Although I had presented my research papers in National Conferences, in almost 20 esteemed Engineering colleges of the state including IIT Madras Research center (it indeed was a thing to be proud off during my engineering days),  yet I was pretty sure, I dint want to spend my rest life with Electrical Machines.

After my engineering, I found about SAP. Asked to my seniors and relatives, they gave a BIG nod, and that was enough for me. Its been almost 3 years now with SAP. Within this time, one trip to Tech Ed Bangalore, which indeed was an unforgettable experience, made my contributions to SCN worth it. Learnt the technologies/updates which were yet to come in market. Met people , made friends, saw in person, who I have read comments of / blogs of in SCN.

Ravi Sankar Venna , Prakhar Saxena, Midhun VP , Amal Aloun, P. M. Dixie Darshini,  jitendra kansal ,

Jansi Rani Murugesan, Nikhil Joy, Ravi Shankar


Got a chance to meet the Founder of SCN Mark Finnern &  All the topic leaders of 2013.

Transformation of a college passed out to a professional



My Interests

Acting and Modelling ,Astrology, Singing  are my interests apart from SAP (SCN). Thanks to SCN for making me Technical blogger as well now.

A glimpse of my acting is here in the link below in Tamil/Telugu Respectively.

Mathi Mayangi Nindraen (MMN) Episode #1 – YouTube

Ishq Prema Love (IPL) Episode#01 – YouTube

Uvagai – Tamil Short Film – YouTube

A Weekend…Love Story | Latest Telugu Short Film 2016 – YouTube

HARIKATHA | Latest Telugu short film 2016 by Its Our Show Productions | Directed by Sai Praveen – YouTube

Addicted to SCN(SAP Community Network) | SAP TechEd Online
Addicted to SCN – Sara Iyer – YouTube

Addicted to SCN (SAP Community Network) – YouTube

Much into Adventure Sports and Sports, hanging out with friends are my leisure time activities.

Trekking I love doing. Have Trekked a part of Himalayas (upto 11000ft) in Shimla , one of the wonderful places in India , I fortunately had stayed in the place for some 3 years. The most wonderful years in my 23 years.

Enjoyed para gliding in Nashik, so next on the list are Scuba Diving and Sky diving. I hope to complete my mission before I get married .

I was a Regional Level Champion thrice, three consecutive years (Bhopal Region) these were my main track events 3 Kmts, 1.5 Kmts,800 mts.

I make sure i have done some of my part in the fields I like.

Am Big Fan of HIMYM, FRIENDS, and BBT

“All I wanna be is everything at once” would describe me well. The thing I can least tolerate is inactivity.


NSS Servicing in rural villages (engineering life)




A wish of mine

This is especially because of the fact how women are treated in most parts of the world . The spirit of independence is firmly planted in me. Freedom is a quality I prize very highly , who doesn’t after all so I wish the women all over should get the bite of it.#Mallala is an example. As this is a global network, I would like if it is followed everywhere, and , women can be safe and independent irrespective of the place. As today, Women too can call ,Independence day , one day.

Here are the replies to Jaggy’s questions.

1. What energizes you when you feel dull or irritated ?

Music, dance, fun with friends. Ah! shopping, how can I forget.

2. What is the most adventurous thing that you have done in your life?

Para gliding, Raffling, River Crossing (fast flowing vyas river, Shimla)

3. If given a chance to show your creativity, in which specific field would you make an attempt?

Fashion Designing .

My wishes changed time to time . Sometimes I wanted to join Indian Defense like my dad, Sports Women, then Fashion Designer, Business?? (although I dint have any clue of the area), Air Hostess , Actor ?. But , when it comes to creativity, I think I would have done well in Fashion Designing.

4. (Optional) Which self help book would you suggest to read?

Not much of a bookie

For the BIF rules , please visit Blog It Forward Community Challenge

I am blogging it forward to

Amal Aloun, P. M. Dixie Darshini ,Nikhil Joy

Matt ToaderVinaykumar Mhaske



Here are my questions:

If you were 20 again, what would you study?

What is your professional life dream?

If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?

What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

Thanks for reading such huge thing.

Best Regards,

Sara G Iyer

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