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Wipro Technologies: ABAP on HANA CodeJam (Bangalore)

Am glad to share the experience from the recent CodeJam for ABAP on HANA that was conducted at Wipro Technologies Bangalore. The event was a “sell-out” and we had enthusiastic developers making the best use of this opportunity.

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This month (5th August), Wipro hosted its first SAP CodeJam event in Bangalore. The events focused on SAP ABAP on HANA. The main objectives of the events were to offer startup support  to the SAP developer community through an offline, face-to-face, hands-on coding experience, and enable developers to learn at their own pace based on the information that SAP experts shared with them at the beginning of the event. Participants were given very simple application examples with ADT knowledge, Open SQL, AMDP, CDS, new performance tool (SWTL).

We had a maximum of 50 slots available in total for the event and the event was published in advance by SAP so enthusiasts from across the globe could register. Wipro organized the necessary logistics for the event.

As the HANA community is growing and we have more and more on-line learning materials, the self-learning method is important to help developers train themselves. On 5th Aug Morning everyone reported to the sprawling Wipro Electronic office learning centre at the scheduled time.  We were joined by three dynamic SAP consultants (Panneer, Shyam & Prabhu). At the beginning Panneer has given a quick introduction of HANA and we understand that the CodeJam session is different than other so called online or classroom sessions. The objective of the session is less lectures and more hands-on based on predefined well explained exercises. There were five exercises and after understanding the concept I realised all cover most of the basic and important concept of ‘ABAP on HANA’. 

The topics are :

  1. Introduction to ABAP in Eclipse (ADT),
  2. What’s new in OpenSQL,
  3. AMDP – ABAP managed Database Procedures
  4. CDS and last but not least
  5. Performance Worklist tool (SWLT).

SAP has provided their own HANA servers for us to practice & It was really great experience working on HANA for entire one day. It’s given us immense motivation to learn more and work on ‘ABAP on HANA’ in a live system.. We strongly suggest developers to expand and add more features to their sample applications and share them with others on the on-line developer community.

During the session, SAP team addressed each & everyone’s questions and there were some focussed technical discussions on some of the topics.SAP also sponsored pizza lunch for entire audience. WoW ! It was really delicious and nice buffet style environment which give us opportunity to socialise with each other. 

Overall, I would say it was a great day in terms of new learnings, socialising & lastly a short relief from daily operational work. I would recommend this type of session for every one and I would like to join such sessions in future. I want to say thanks to Team SAP and Team Wipro for making this possible!!! IMG-20140806-WA0007.jpgIMG-20140806-WA0005.jpgFood.jpg

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