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Tip n°7: how to force debugger to stop at your breakpoints


You may have faced a situation where you were 100% sure the system was executing one piece of coding during your actions, but setting a breakpoint would never make the debugger start… how frustrating. This is a very common scenario on SAP CRM when you want to debug data exchange between ECC and CRM: as most of the things happen during COMMIT WORK, you can set all the breakpoints you want, the system will never stop unless you adjust your debugger settings. So before executing the action you would like to debug, enter /h and within the debugger session, go to Settings >> Change debugger profile. This will open a popup where you can flag tricky options like the ones below:

DebuggerSettings.pngI’m not a big fan of “System Debugging” as that will usually make me go through myriads of lines of code that are not relevant… but it’s good to know that you can set it on (/hs will do exactly the same BTW). On the other hand, you definitely might want to take a look at “Update debugging”: because if a function module is to be executed IN UPDATE TASK for example, this option is mandatory if you want to debug it. However, be aware that any breakpoint set before update debugging has started will be ignored. So remember to set your breakpoints after you see a new debugger session poping up.

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  • Thanks Nicholas.  Debugging in SRM (in 2007) was a very frustrating experience for me.  It’s always good to a) see someone else dealing with the same issue, and b) be reminded of the way to handle it.  Now I have to go refresh my memory with your other tips!