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My thoughts on diversity.

A former english teacher of mine once told me that she believes that schools which

educated separately the genders resulted in stronger (more successful) women. That would be

proved women after when entering jobs, and the same wouldn’t happen for the other gender.

I had later looked for veracity of facts through internet, but I soon gave up because

it does not seem to make sense.

As people management I have reported to more female people than males, including others

companies I worked for before SAP. There were 6 women and 3 men, but in very professional

companies as I have been the different genders really did not matter. I think

diversity thought is going to make changes regarding products. Because the diversity of

culture, ethnicity, gender, ages causes people to deal with very different

perspectives and providing new results.

It should be embraced by all companies nowadays which aims for innovation.

What I enjoy most in SAP is that diversity is not restricted for

creating better products but foster people which in turn will result in better products.

Christian Rosa

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