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Hello Friends of Integrated Planning,

thank you very much for all the feedback I received on the File Upload/Download how-to over the past years. I have great news: Basically every development request has been implemented! Yes, this means that there is a big load of new features available with version 3. Upload and download of CSV files and a new user interface that allows the preview of the file and plan data before you save it are just two of the highlights. The new version is also compatible with SAP BW 7.4.


Minimum release to use the new version is SAP BW 7.30.


You can download the complete how-to guide as well as the solution from SAP Note 2053696.


The following list shows the changes and enhancements in version 3 compared to the previously published version 2.4:

  • Enabled conversion exit in variable screen
  • Removed context info from message output (can be enabled again with show_messages parameter)
  • Added search help for all selection fields including special characteristics like fiscal period
  • Added check that 0INFOPROV must be filled for uploads on MultiProviders
  • Support for CSV format for upload and download (new parameters for data separator and escape character)
  • Improved auto-detection of file format
  • Added info messages to display version and detected file format
  • New parameter for checking for duplicate records
  • New parameter to define display of +/- sign for download
  • New and improved alternative user interface
  • Function to generate the required master data for ZIP_* InfoObjects
  • Added BADI for performing custom transformations during upload and download
  • Integrated File Upload/Download with Report-Report-Interface
  • New parameter setting for download to select field description instead of technical name in header line
  • Automatic recognition of UTF byte-order-mark during upload
  • Added ready-for-input variables for all parameters
  • v3.1

    – Added support for XLS format for upload with SAPGUI

    – Added load from application server which enables upload from Analysis Office

  • v3.2

    – Minimum release increased to SAP BW 7.30

    – File Upload is now supported for SAP BW 7.40

    – Updated screen shots to show GUI-based planning modeler and web-based file upload/download application

  • v3.3

    – Added enhancement to support F4-BADI

    – Added option to sort variables on selection screen

    – New option to display instructions and support information to end-users

  • v3.4

    – Added support for formula variables

    – New option to set maximum number of visible messages in log

    – Added support for exit variables which are ready for input

  • v3.5

    – Download of key figures other than “Amount” or “Quantity” will take “Decimal” setting in to consideration when using “Convert Fields” option

  • v3.6

    – Improved error message in case of character format/encoding issues

    – Added detection of incorrect field separator (semicolon instead of comma and vice versa)

    – New Standard File Upload functionality

    – Support for Advanced DataStore Objects for SAP BW powered by SAP HANA


Here are a few screen shots of the version 3 user interface (Note: The old UI is still available in the version 3 transport). For more details, please refer to the how-to guide (see “Download” section above).
File Upload Selection Screen:


File Upload Preview Screen:


File Download Selection Screen:


File Download Preview Screen:

Your Feedback

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It’s as simple as adding a comment to this blog.
Enjoy the new File Upload and Download for BW-Integrated Planning!

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  1. Mukesh Towari

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

    We have a little different requirement in terms of options for loading flat file in the system:

    1. Can we perform load with multiple Amount/Volume column, each representing a time period?

    2. Can we use the characteristic relationship that we have maintained for infocube to derive the fields while performing the writeback of data to database?

    Your inputs will help us big way.

    Thanks Again for your valuable blog.


    1. Marc Bernard Post author

      Hello Mukesh,

      yes, you can load files like you describe. However, you will have to use the BADI to transform your file structure to the structure of the aggregation level. There’s an example provided in the appendix.

      The upload automatically uses all characteristic relationships – just like any other planning function.



      Product Management SAP HANA DW

  2. Timo Schmid

    Hi Marc,

    thanks again for your very useful solution.

    I integrated the file upload web dynpro into my web planning application.
    Now i have probles with the different prefixes of the webdynpro path when transporting from dev to test and prod.

    I implement a custom web item and compute the prefix as described by you.
    The cusom web item returns the prefix of my webdynpro path. But If I want to work with tis result running a JavaScript within

    <Body onload=JavaScript:”function();”>

    Can you provide a small example webtemplate code for showin how to use the result of the custom web item to generate the URL to the planning sequence.
    I think this would be very helpful to all.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards


    1. Marc Bernard Post author

      Hi Timo,

      I’m sorry, but I’m too busy with SAP BW/4HANA and won’t have time to develop this. I’m sure that others have coded it already. Please search in the community or ask for help there.


      Product Management SAP HANA DW

    2. Cornelia Lezoch

      Hi Timo, hi Marc,


      at my current project we also would like to integrate the file upload functionality into a web template,

      expecting that with the upload we would not encounter locking errors and the user can edit the uploaded data right after upload in the planning mask.

      What would be the best way to integrate the functionality into a web template?

      Is it as Timo write to create a custom web item that call the web dynpro?

      Would it also work, if we just integrate the planing sequence (that includes the file upload function) into a button in WAD?


      thanks and best regards


  3. Jonathan SABY

    Dear Marc,

    Unfortunaly, Hierarchy node variables are not supported yet in the how to solution but have you planned to develop it?

    Many thanks,

    Best regards,


    PS. We are in BW 7.5 SP6, but we still use your solution because new standard file upload solution does not work properly yet.

    1. Marc Bernard Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      Nice to hear that you are still using it (well, I know many customers are 😉 ). I’m sorry, but I’m too busy with SAP BW/4HANA and won’t have time to develop the enhancement for hierarchy node variables. If you come across a working WebDynpro for these variables, I’m happy to take a look and try to integrate it (if allowed to reuse the code).

      Product Management SAP HANA DW

  4. Aleksandrs Frolovs

    Standard function 0RSPL_FILE_UPLOAD_AO (file upload for analysis for office) doesn’t work and looks like it will not work for along time. See note 2461345 for more details.

    1. Alexey Lantsman

      Hi Marc,

      we encountered the same problem as Aleksandrs that planning function type 0RSPL_FILE_UPLOAD_AO is currently not supported within Analysis for Office. The note 2471638 suggests to wait. Do you have an idea in which version of Analysis it may be expected? It’s not included in the latest roadmap of Analysis for Office.

      Thank you, Alexey 

      1. Marc Bernard Post author

        Hello Aleksandrs, Alexey,

        I don’t know any details about the AO roadmap or when the upload function is planned for. Either continue to use the File Upload I provide or contact the AO team for more information.

        Product Management SAP HANA DW

  5. Marcin Byra

    Hi Marc.

    I’ve been using your utility for good few years now with good results. However we have recently upgraded to 7.5 and consequently imported new version of the tool. As a result it stopped working.

    It seems that new version performs file format checks in a different way. In version we used previously, one of the KF to upload was with currency but there was no currency in the file. Instead, variable exit of the very first variable in the filter was reading first record of the file and determined currency based on its content. This doesn’t work anymore, apparently new function is checking file consistency (here-missing currency) before variable exit. When I set currency as fixed in planning filter, upload works, even though I stil don’t see exit variables setting locks in rsplse.

    I was wondering where is a proper place to apply code to continue using application as we did before i.e. being able to set variables based on the first record of uploaded file, instead of setting them upfront.






    1. Marc Bernard Post author

      Hi Marcin,

      In general, the filter is set before the file is processed by the planning function (upload). This means defining variables has to happen before the actual upload function. Something like this is not foreseen. The file content is stored as an attribute in the assistant class (by the WebDynpro). You can use this in your exit. However, it’s in raw format and you will need a bit of ABAP to get to the actual key figure or currency key value.



      Product Management SAP HANA DW

  6. Tomas Varga

    Hi Marc,

    I want to upload full backup of InfoCube to the system, I am getting this error message when running a plan sequence:

    I am uploading a csv file downloaded from system, picked one line a changed a key figure to test the upload. Regarding the error I tried to enter in excel 10,010 change it to textto number, but there is no way forward.

    File Upload: Data conversion error Check if character format (encoding) is correct: DEFAULT 

    I have set up the filter like this (I was forced by the system):

    Answer much appreciated,


    1. Marc Bernard Post author

      Hi Tomas,

      you have to be careful which program you use to edit a file. Excel probably saved it with a different character encoding (for example “Western European Windows” format). You can change the format under File > Save As > More options > Tools > Web options.

      Either use a Text Editor that keeps the character encoding of the original file or change the character format in the upload function.



      Product Management SAP HANA DW

  7. samuel olasubomi

    Hi Marc,

    i am having issues with values for two fields after Uploading files and refreshed the data,

    System transposes the the values of the two fields to each other.

    e.g before the download lets say field A- 1.000 and field B- 2.000, After the upload and refresh the Data the value Transposes to A- 2.000 while B- 1.000. please what might cause the problem and possible way to fix this.

    My email is





  8. Sabine Jacob

    Hi Marc,

    I am just wondering if the upload would work also for new master data together with values?

    Thanks a lot for a short information.

    Kind regards



    1. Marc Bernard Post author

      Hi Sabine,

      no. Master data must exist before plan data can be loaded (unless of course an InfoObject does not have a master data table). It’s the same with any planning function.

      Product Management SAP HANA DW

  9. Manuela Lang


    Hi Marc,

    we are trying to import the transports into our HANA 7.5 SP 6 and receive the following error message

    Does this ring a bell?

    thanks for any pointers



    1. Marc Bernard Post author

      Hello Manuela,

      the transport is compatible with 7.3 and higher. Please import with “ignore component versions” turned on.



      Product Management SAP HANA DW


  10. Iksit gadhia

    Hi Marc

    We are migrating BW to v7.4 so upgrading from v2.4 to the v3 version of this file upload.  v3 works on new system for uploading actuals, target etc. but I have a commentary upload (ie no key figures in upload file) which doesn’t work. Running the planning sequence and selecting te file through gui or web just says ‘0 records read’.

    If I run the same file using 2.4, it reads and updates. (I would just use 2.4 but it doesn’t wok via web, only through gui)


    any advice?


    Thanks for your help!


  11. Thomas Neugebauer-Spreng

    Hi Marc,

    is it possible to upload or download characteristics as key figures with your solution? I stil post this question even though I fear I already know the answer …


    kind regards & keep up the good work  🙂


  12. Elena Crow

    Hello, Marc!

    Thanks for great updates for the solution!

    I have a question about authorizations concept. using authorizations, provided in appendix, leads to errors while save process. web dynpro is getting started, but it’s unable to save data, system generates error message “you have no authorization for info-cube Z* with 02 ACTVT”.

    is it necessary to set 02 actvt for this operation? or may it be local error in customized roles? please advice

  13. Prasanth Gandlur

    Hi Marc,

    I have configured the file upload functionality and it works fine. The user is presented with a web layout where they enter varialbles, browse and upload their files. However now the users want to to upload large files (around 2 million records). The Web layout takes about 25 mins for the upload. However the ask is if this can be pushed to a “background” job. Which means the user uploads a file to a shared folder and the Planning Sequence is called through a process chain passing the File Name as a Variant. Will this work?



    1. Marc Bernard Post author

      Hi Prasanth,

      the upload was never intended for mass data. That’s also documented in the how-to guide (PDF). It’s much better to use the standard file upload feature for BW.

      There is an option to run the file upload planning function in batch but it’s not integrated with the web UI. You would specify the file name on the application server (has to be accessible from AS ABAP) in the planning function parameters. Then schedule the corresponding planning sequence as a process chain. Two challenges: Setting the right variable values and concurrent planning sessions/locking. For a single user case, these are easy (hard code the variables in the process chain, tell the user not to change data at the same time) but for multiple concurrent planning users this won’t be easy especially if they need to plan on the data at the same time.

      Let me know if you make this work in a productive environment 🙂


      Product Management SAP HANA DW



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