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Customer master creation from Business partner

Step 1– Customer Settings

  • Create Number ranges for customer accounts

  Financial Accounting (New)>Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable >Customer Accounts > Master Data > Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data > Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts (XDN1)


  • Assign Number ranges to Customer Groups

Financial Accounting (New) > Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable >Customer Accounts >Master Data > Preparations for Creating Customer Master Data > Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups


Step 2 – Business Partner Settings

  • Define BP Roles

Cross-Application Components >SAP Business Partner>Business Partner >Basic Settings >Business Partner Roles >DefineBP Roles Settings for the BP Role – FLCU00 (FI Customer) should be as shown below:  


  • Define BP Number ranges

Cross-Application Components >SAP Business Partner >Business Partner >Basic Settings >Number Ranges and Groupings >Define Number Ranges (BUCF)


  • Define Groupings and Assign Number ranges

Cross-Application Components > SAP Business Partner >Business Partner >Basic Settings > Number Ranges and Groupings >Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges 


  Step 3 – Synchronization Settings 

  • Synchronization Objects

Cross-Application Components >Master Data Synchronization >Synchronization Control > SynchronizationControl >Synchronization Objects Do not change anything here 


  • Activate Post Processing Office requests

Cross-Application Components >Master Data Synchronization >Synchronization Control >Synchronization Control > Activate PPO Requests for Platform Objects in the Dialog 


  • Activate Synchronization Options

Cross-Application Components> Master Data Synchronization > Synchronization Control> Synchronization Control > Activate Synchronization Options 


  • Assign BP roles to Customer Account Group

Cross-Application Components >Master Data Synchronization > Customer/Vendor Integration > Business Partner Settings >Settings for Customer Integration > Set BP role for direction BP to Customer


  • Define Number assignment

Cross-Application Components > Master Data Synchronization >Customer/Vendor Integration > Business Partner Settings > Settings for Customer Integration >Field Assignment for Customer Integration > Assign Keys >Define Number Assignment for Direction BP to customer



Step 4 – Creation of BP & customer from BP

Go to t-code BP, enter your BP name and select correct grouping as configured above.


Tick on create customers in role counterparty


Enter recon account in comany code data


BP & Customer created


XD03 view


Another scenario possible is where your organisation already has customers masters created and requirement is to create business partners from those customers. Watch this space and wait for this scenario demonstration which will be posted soon.

Suggestions/Corrections & comments are welcome



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  • Hi Jyoti,


    I'm facing an issue while trying to replicate the above steps.


    While doing below customization i'm getting an error. Could you please help me out.


    Cross-Application Components >Master Data Synchronization >Synchronization Control >Synchronization Control > Activate PPO Requests for Platform Objects in the Dialog 



    Error Message.



    Object type 'CUSTOMER' is not a platform object,and thus cannot be entered here

    Message no. MDS_CTRL_CONTROLLER009



    Best Regards,


    • Hello Jain,


      For the above error, please check in the config path

      Step 3 above

      Cross-Application Components >Master Data Synchronization >Synchronization Control > SynchronizationControl >Synchronization Objects whether the customer has been checked as platform.


      If this setting is not there then you need to maintain this.


      Let me know if this solved your error.




  • Hi guys - does any of you have experience in setting up the customer to BP sync when the number range for customers is created as Internal and the same number range for BPs is already in use and created as External?

    Hope to hear from you


  • Hello Jyoti,

    I have a bit different scenario. I have business partners are created in MDG system. And in S/4 system I want to extend their local information. Means Customer - KNA1 is created and distributed to S/4 and using that business partner now I want to Customer Sales View -KNVV & company code view-KNB1. Is is possible to do this by IDoc DEBMAS? What other option do I have?

  • When I want to save my customer master data in sales area, there is a message here and I couldn't save it. Do you know how to solve it?


    You can see messages below.


    Customer master data could not be updated

    (CVI_API-003). See long text.


    Thank you





  • Thanks  @Former Member

    Nice blog.

    One question : Which version of S/4HANA used in this BLOG ? Any changes wrt  S/4HANA 1709 settings ?

    One Suggestion :

    You may want to add following pre-steps to the BLOG :

    • STEP 0 : Need of and How to CREATE Customer A/C GROUP (Group which needs to be assigned the number-range)
    • The SPRO path which I found for Create Customer A/C Group is below :  SPRO > Financial Supply Chain Management > Cash and Liquidity Management > Cash Management > Settings for FF7AN and FF7BN > Customer Control > Maintain Customer Account Group

    What do you say ?