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Creating custom roles in SAP Screen Personas 2.0

We have had question from customers on how to restrict end users from editing flavors. So we decided to have a tutorial in our Practitioner Forum session 14 on how to use shipped role or create custom roles in Personas 2.0 to meet your needs. For those who missed the session, I am documenting the same here.

We deliver 5 roles in Personas 2.0 which should cover most of the requirements. These roles can be viewed under SPRO –>Cross Application Components–>SAP Screen Personas–> Maintain Personas Roles


In addition you can also create custom roles to control the user access at very granular level. You can refer to “Maintain Roles” section of SAP Screen Personas configuration guide (you can find it at for BitMask values.

For example, if you need a role with which user can see basic view, switch between flavor, add new flavors from flavor gallery but not edit the flavor then you can create a new role by adding the BitMask values as follows:

AccessToProfileFlavors  (allows to switch between flavors)    =  0x1

AccessToSharedFlavors  (get new ones from flavor gallery)  =  0x2

ShowBasicView          (have basic view)                              =  0x2000000


NewRole                                                                            =  0x2000003

Convert this to decimal and new role value is 33554435. You can add this role with under Maintain Personas Roles and assign it to your users in admin ui (/n/persos/admin_ui -> User Management -> User Maintenance)

You can also use our PersonasRoleValueCalculator.xls (click here) to get the new role value quickly. Just select “yes” against each role entry under “allowed?” column and it will provide you the new role value.

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  • Another way to get the decimal value for the role is to use the built-in calculator in Windows 7 or 8 and switch to programmer view.

    Based on the Configuration Guide, one can toggle the individual bits under the result window by clicking on them and the calculator will immediately display the number corresponding to the bitmask.

    So Chinthan's example above would look like this:


  • Hi guys,

    My goal is to hide the basic view to users. Is saying a role with which user can´t see basic view.


    I insert the new rol in transaction SPRO:

    But I don´t know how to assign more than one rol. I do this:

    I'm not sure if these steps are correct. ¿Can anyone help me please? Also, ¿can anybody check if 33,554,435 is the correct number to hide the basic view?




    • Hi Cristina,

      The role in Chinthan's example has the following permissions:

      AccessToProfileFlavors, AccessToSharedFlavors and ShowBasicView and this corresponds to the decimal number 33554435 as explained in the post. This enables users to view flavors (assigned to or shared with the user) and the ability to view the Basic View.

      It is not possible to assign more than one Screen Personas role to a user. However, it is possible to create new roles with a combination of permissions as required by combining the various permissions mentioned in the linked spreadsheet or as described in the configuration guide.

      If you need to define a role that hides the Basic View and allows viewing of flavors, you will need to use permissions: AccessToProfileFlavors and AccessToSharedFlavors. This combination corresponds to the decimal number 3. See below a screenshot of the spreadsheet linked by Chinthan on how to calculate the permission number. You will need to define a role named something like HIDE_BASIC_VIEW with a value of 3.

      Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 8.18.32 PM.png



      SAP Screen Personas Team

      Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 8.18.32 PM.png
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      user maintenance.png
      • System name is picked up from "name" field of your connection in SPRO ->SAP Reference IMG -> Cross-Appplication platform -> SAP Screen Personas -> Manage Systems -> your connection. Please check if you have entered a name there.