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Buy a shirt & get feeling good about yourself for free!

Hello there, it’s me! Steffi!

If you have no clue who I am, that’s perfectly fine. Just keep on reading anyway, please. 😀

As some of you might know, I like movies, TV series, videogames and t-shirts with cool designs. And I really love it, when those things come together! As there is a shortage of cool t-shirts, when it comes to finding them in stores in my town, I turned to the trusty internet to find me a source and sources I found! 😘

Another thing I really like is supporting good great noble causes.

I bet all of you have seen the SCN fundraiser that’s getting people to open their wallets (more information about it in the blog “I Care, I Gave, I Inspired“) and have at least thought about possible missions you can set for yourself, so you can carve your name onto Sue’s list of awesome people to motivate other people to donate.

And who hasn’t noticed the Epic Birthday Bash, that is going down between Susan Keohan and Greg Myers, that big fundracing (not a typo) with some nice smack talking on the side, which will only have one winner in the end and we all know who that will be, don’t we? ^^ The “Doctors without borders” of course!

If you like animals, then you might have seen Ingo’s Help me Save a Bear today-plea, that got a little more desperate lately (his words, not mine ^^). If you want to see him run around dressed up as a racoon, you should definitly check out his blog to help feed some cuuute bear cubs.

So, now you’re probably wondering, why I need to write a blog to tell you things you already know. Well, those information were just the background.

As I said, I like t-shirts with cool designs. One of the online-shops I use to get my awesome shirts is called TeeFury. Independent artists can send in their design and when it’s choosen, TeeFury will print them onto quality t-shirts, handles the whole sale-thing and the artist gets paid a certain amount for each sold t-shirt. The artists keep the rights for their design and they can keep creating awesome art, that I can fall in love with and wear. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Yesterday I got an email from TeeFury, that they have a sale of a freshly created t-shirt and 1$ of each t-shirt sold is going directly to the “Doctors without borders”! So I had to share this with you, since it kind of clicked with the whole community fundraising.

It’s a Doctor Who-design, maybe you have heard of him. *g* And I think it’s the perfect choice, because he’s a Doctor who knows no borders (neither time nor space) and so are they!

So if you love

  • Doctor Who (or know someone who does),
  • t-shirts (see comment before),
  • donating to organisations like MSF and
  • supporting independent artists,

then this is the thing for you! I’m getting excited just by writing about it!

The sale is going on until August, the 25th.

HEADS UP: The page seems to have some trouble with the display in Internet Explorer, so if you don’t see a navy shirt, but a white one and the parts of the site overlay wildly, then you should switch to another browser for this.

Now you have another option to donate to a great cause (and get a great looking t-shirt on top of it) and that’s pretty much what I wanted to give you with this blog. Thank you for reading, now it’s your decision. 🙂




UPDATE from October, 7th

As already mentioned in the last comments, I’d love to see some pictures of you guys with your “Doctor without Borders”-shirts. I got mine some time ago, but it took till today to get a camera, the shirt, myself and a friendly helper in the same spot at the same time to shoot a pic to share with you. So here you go:


It looks like the flash lit it up, but there was no flash whatsoever. This gleaming is all the great print! 😘

So what about you, fellow community members? Who got him- or herself (or loved ones) a t-shirt from this sale and wants to share some pictures with you wearing it? I’ll edit the blog post and add them and maybe we get a nice, hearty gallery going here. ^^



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  • This is terrific, Steffi!   I checked out the shirts and they are amazing.  And who doesn't love Dr. Who?

    I really appreciate you taking up the cause and also pointing out to other community members that they can support Doctors Without Borders in many ways.    And yes, I desperately want to see Ingo Hilgefort dressed up as a raccoon, so I donated to that as well.

    As for Epic Birthday Smackdown, I think Greg Myers is whimpering in a corner somewhere, probably sucking his thumb.  He had said 'This is a marathon, not a sprint' but he must have gotten confused.  Up here in Boston, we know a marathon is going until you're finished, not until the very first hill.  I wish he hadn't given up so easily, but you know how those SysAdmin types are.

    Some day, we can meet in real life and have a charity T-shirt show!  Meanwhile, keep up the good work.


    • Thank you, Sue!

      It's so great to see that this community is not just about helping job-wise, but also in those areas. I have to say that the SCN fundraising opened my eyes for things like this. Before I kind of acknowledged that they exist, but now I really see them and feel touched by it. And I want to share that. Because we all know that sharing is caring. ^^

      Maybe it's the calm before the storm with Greg. Or he forgot, that the finish wasn't your birthday itself, but August, 30. 😀

      Thanks again for your kind words (and your guidance). 😎

    • Great post, Steffi !  I have a couple of Dr. Who fans under my roof, and this is certainly a cause I can get behind.

      As for Sue, well, she plays dirty. Real dirty. She even made a phony donation to herself in the name of my little dog, Charlie. My little Chiweenie pal would never bet against me. I mean, just look at that face. Charlie tweets under @ZestyShrimpDog , so I guess as a public figure we should expect such things. But he's not even 2 yet. I'm not sure he's legally permitted to make charitable donations.

      2014-08-07 07.34.14.jpg

      2014-08-07 07.34.14.jpg
      • Awww, look at that cuteness! Well, he looks like a very responsible dog who knows what he's doing, so that might work against you two in the donation-question. ^^

        • Greg Myers, I feel sorry for you.  I know it's not easy when someone you love does something unexpected.  Try to get over it.  As for cuteness, Charlie has it in spades.  I hope someday, if you and I ever get past all this (assuming you know how to lose, which is a big assumption) that Charlie and Sunny can share a little ice cream. 

          Sunny and ice cream.jpg

          Steffi Warnecke Although conventional wisdom says a dog ages about 7 year for every 'human year' we are probably in agreement that Charlie has had to grow up quickly to offset Greg's immaturity.

          I've ordered my Dr Who shirts and will wear them with pride!!!


          Sunny and ice cream.jpg
  • You two are just... you made definitly my day. 😆

    It would be great to create some kind of gallery with pictures of everyone wearing their shirt. Or something like a collage. Just very small pictures, because I'd love to be it more about the crowd of like-minded people than about the individuals per se here.

    But, that means more participation from you guys after the sale is over. ^^

    • Perhaps some people who buy the TeeFury T-shirts and who are also going to be at certain <ahem> events in real life can coordinate their wardrobes for photo shoots.

      Other SCN members should post their pics here (and accompanying blogs explaining what the shirt/donation/charity means to them are always welcome).

      In case you missed it, there is a little activity out there on FB and Twitter called #wheresworkflow - where the recipients of the newest 'Practical Workflow for SAP' will take pictures of their book in some interesting setting. 

      So we could do something similar - of course we need a name.  #WhosWho?  #whocaresaboutMSF is a little lengthy.

      Cue the creative juices - it is Friday after all.


      • Who<3MSF? 😉

        It would be great to get a picture-along going. ^^ I hope, the shop will share some numbers after the sale is over on how many shirts were sold and therefor how much money was raised for MSF. Who doesn't love a little statistic? 😀