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Attribute based Fuzzy search in SAP SRM User Interface Add on 1.0

Currently in SAP SRM User Interface Add on 1.0 , if Fuzzy search is enabled, Fuzzy is applied to all attributes passed as filter to Enterprise search (ESH).

This is because of limitation from ESH on NW 701, where Fuzzy at Attribute level is not present.

For customers who are on NW 701 & 702 , they can use BADI /SRMNXP/BDI_SRCH_RANKING to remove unwanted data fetched due Fuzzy at attribute level.

Customers on NW 713 can use attribute level Fuzzy feature provided from NW. However earlier there was no way to call this code from SSPUX ADD-ON.

Now we have created BADI /SRMNXP/BDI_ESH_REQ_RESET , which has method SET_FILTER_ATTRIBUTES() , which is called just before control is transferred to ESH.

The BADI method is called in class /SRMNXP/CL_SRV_TREX_SRCH, method GET_SEARCH_RESULT().

Within BADI method , you can code similar to something as follows :

CALL METHOD lo_request->add_search_attribute


        iv_name           = ls_attributes-name

        it_select_options = ls_attributes-values

        iv_search_mode    = ‘E’.

Following are the list of values that can be passed to iv_search_mode.

E Exact Search

L Linguistic Search

F Fuzzy Search

I Similarity Search

S Case Sensitive

This BADI is delivered in SSPUX ADD-ON SP06.

Customers on lower SP’s can get this BADI by Note 2050948.

This method should be used with caution, as this , not only can be used for attribute based Fuzzy search, but, using this, the customer can influence other search parameters been passed to ESH.

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