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All-in-one Tcode for BOMs uploading/updating: An idea sharing

During PM implementations the masterdata is collected from various Plants / Plant Sections of the client, arranged in excel sheets and uploaded by the Core-Team through BDC  programs usually. This masterdata consists of the Asset Structure (IH01), Catalogs & Codes,  Maintenance Plans, Measuring Points etc. In large industries where the Asset structure runs into 100s of 1000s of equipments, we managed the uploading by giving authorizations to end-users selectively by creating and assigning suitable roles. The BOMs namely Bill of Materials is one such Masterdata, the author arranged for uploading by the respective end-users. For this purpose I developed one-stop Tcode through which user will be able to upload/update easily all sorts of BOMs namely:

  • Functional Location BOM (IB11,IB12)
  • Equipment BOM (IB01, IB02)
  • Material BOM (CS01, CS02).

Let’s see the Tcode screen


The above selection screen is self explanatory.  However, let me do it for you.

There are 3 parts:

  1. GOS toolbar where all the excel templates are kept as attachments.
  2. The Upload new BOM section having 3 radio buttons for IB01, IB11 and CS01
  3. The Update existing BOM section having 3 radio button for IB02, IB12 and CS02.

This screen is a simple radio button Call Transaction program. What we understand is this screen calls 6 programs one at a time (Radio button) as per the user’s choice. So the real BDC programs are those called programs. Let’s have individual screen-shots of these programs. (For IB01 and IB02)





Rest of the screens (for IB11, IB12 and CS01, CS02) are similar.

Here Mode of uploading there are 2 options

       A – All screen Mode

N – No Screen Mode (Background) just like usual BDC programs.

Though it is not related to the theme of the post, I am sharing the screen-shots of Excel templates of my program

IB01, IB02


IB11, IB12


CS01, CS02


As you have seen, the Templates for Uploading and Updating a particular BOM is same. In fact very small modifications in the Upload programs created Update BOMs programs. In each BOM template I have given provision for 18 components. (These can be as many as per requirement) Also these templates are very specific to my programs. You will have your own templates depending upon the coding of your own batch program.

The main all-in-one screen program  is a very simple report program (though looks like a dialog program). This has been another very useful idea to develop such user-friendly screen, so thought of sharing with the forum.

Thank you


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  • Hi Sir , I have similar requirement for IB01 BOM upload . I am facing issues with BDC second line identification for multiple records. Could you please guide.

    • Neha,

      This a post sharing the idea for developing one screen for all types of BOM upload or List displays, Yours is an ABAP issue. Even if I respond to your query, it will go very long and at the same time it will not be relevant to discuss here. Also there is no provision here to attach the code sample for IB01 BDC.

      Please post your specific issue in ABAP space. I can tell that it is not a difficult one at all for a developer who knows BDC programming based on SHDB recording. Your issue is mainly related to this expertise (BDC), not to this subject (IB01).

      Good luck