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What is Your Strategy at the Intersection of Mobile and Cloud?

Many of us have already experienced some part of the intersection of mobile and cloud. This should not come as a surprise since the emergence of the Mobile Cloud is the number 1 Technology Trend for 2014 according to the Top Technology Trends for 2014. IEEE Computer Society Journals. 2014.

As IT leaders and seasoned professionals we are asked to provide guidance on top trends like Mobile Cloud among others. “According to a roundtable of IT executives and tech recruiters, the top IT job skills for 2014 are big data, mobile, cloud, security”, Hammond, Teena. “Top IT job skills for 2014: Big data, mobile, cloud, security.” TechRepublic. 2014.

IDC Cohesive Platform Report.png

In the spirit of sharing best practices and knowledge, I would like to bring your attention to a new IDC research report and webcast with you that addresses mobile with big data, cloud, security and analytics. Reference these materials as you define, or even redefine, your strategy at the interaction of Mobile and Cloud.

In the IDC Report “Bringing a Cohesive Approach to a Complex Market”, leading technology market researcher Jean Philippe Bouchard discusses some of the key trends taking place in the enterprise mobility landscape today, such as consumerization of IT (CoIT), the mobile application  explosion, and cloud computing. He explores how these paradigm shifts create opportunity while also driving the need for new technology solutions in the “third wave” of IT shifts. Bouchard provides an summary of his analysis of SAP’s cloud and mobile enterprise solutions and even maps to current and future business and IT requirements.  The most valuable part of this paper is the essential guidance given to help end users and partners develop a strategic plan. You can access this report here.

In addition to the report, John Jackson, Research Vice President of Mobile & Connected Platforms at IDC, and Rick Costanzo, Global Mobility Solutions EVP & GM at SAP recorded a webinar about the IDC research behind the report and outlined how solution selection is a “future proofing” opportunity. For example, here is one of the fascinating findings from the IDC research that is shared in the session.

Mobile Cloud Webinar Slide.JPG

You can access the full recording that includes other research findings like the one above here.

While the research, report and webinar are a few resources to support your strategizing of mobile cloud, your personal experiences are also important. Please comment on this blog to share your thoughts and events around the intersection of mobile and cloud. Together we are learn together during this “third wave” of IT.

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  • The fact that apps exist in the wild (outside the office) the cloud makes it a much better integration point that a on-location server.

    Another plus for Cloud based apps, is that fact the consumer doesn't have to spend server space for the application, space he is used to buy for SAP and other huge solutions, but is less willing to buy in order to support a small app.

    If I was developing a new app directed at the enterprise market I would undoubtedly choose a cloud back-end instead of on-premise solution.