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WebI Trick: User defined column(Dimnesion) sorting

In China and English.for  the people with poor reading English like me in mainland China


1. Create a Variable named <input options> =””

1. 新建一个维度变量 input options=””


2.Create a Input Control, on variable <input options>, and input A B C

2.新建一个控件(Input Control),关联到变量《input options》,输入 值 A B C


3.Create a Variable named < Rank USER >

3.新建一个维度变量 <Rank USER>

=If [input optins]=”A” Then ([凭证中的过帐日期])

ElseIf [input optins]=”B” Then ([总分类账账目])

ElseIf [input optins]=”C” Then ([会计凭证编号])


4.In the Table , insert a column on the table left, input  Variable  < Rank USER >,

and  Apply an ascending(descending) Sort to the  column of Rank USER(you can hide the column )

4.在报表左边插入一列,输入数据是变量 《Rank USER》


5.Using the input control, you can dynamically change which column is sorted.

5.点击控件选项即可实现用户自定义 的列排序


That’s it. Thanks

Hope this works for you

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