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Up in 45 seconds!

How long does it take to restart a SAP ERP system?

What about a host reboot is involved?

OS startup + database startup + SAP startup they all add up

How about less than a minute? Is that even possible?

With solid-state drives (SSD) now offered as a standard option for elastic block store (aka disk / drive) by Amazon Web Services, that really sped up the startup time of SAP especially with OS reboot is involved. In fact it only took 45 seconds* for SAPGUI to connect to the ERP system from the time the “Start” EC2 (host start) was initiated. Within that span of time the operating system was started, the database was started and finally the SAP system was started, up in 45 seconds!

“I’m convinced, how much?”

Well standard magnetic disks cost about 12cents / GB per month a few months ago, they are now down to 5 cents / GB per month.

SSDs are offered at 10 cents / GB per month.

So what’s the cost of a turbo-charged SAP system on SSD? If you are already on AWS, simply add 5 cents to every GB you use!

* tested on a standard SAP ERP 6.0 system with MSSQL 2008 R2, on Windows 2008R2, hosted on AWS EC2 m3.xlarge (2 core, 7.5G memory)

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