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PowerBuilder new release available

Hi folks –

The latest release of PowerBuilder is now available – here If that link does not work, try the main page at SAP Service Marketplace

and search for the product.

This new release is the same as what folks tested in beta, although it has been renamed to be 12.6, which is more aligned with the feature set for the product.

Because the product was built as a major release, it will require a migration of your existing code to this new version.

Best regards


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      • Hi Sue,

        is the trial version of 12.6 available?

        I do have a valid support contract (sinne several months) but have not yet received codes to access SAP site. is there a way to get those directly from SAP?



        • Kari

          We have a new process to post the eval – we are trying to find the right folks who can help us, and it should be up shortly.

          Best regards


          • Thanks Sue and Andreas,

            did call the SAP number in the Customer Interaction Centers but  they couldn’t find the support agreement on-line so used instead the web-form available from here SAP Service Marketplace – Home

            and from this page find at the bottom “Contact SAP Support” and there “via web form”

            So, early days but lets see what happens.

            Thanks for everyone for the help.



          • What does ‘soon’ mean in SAP speak? It has been two weeks and the Trial is still 12.5. PowerBuilder is still not available to purchase directly from SAP despite several posts that it was being added to the price book soon.

            I’m sure there is some bizarre TOP SECRET reason you can’t tell us why but a lot of people are taking the delays to mean that SAP intends to EOL PowerBuilder. Of course at the speed they move, even an EOL would probably take a few years. And I used to think Sybase was too secretive with the PowerBuilder development process. SAP should just transfer PowerBuilder and EAServer to Appeon and be done with it. Go big or go home.

            And the main home page of is just horrible. Who ever thought that full size photographs that change every few seconds would make a great background for a business website?

          • Hi Roland

            “And the main home page of is just horrible. Who ever thought that full size photographs that change every few seconds would make a great background for a business website?”

            Many thanks for that, the funniest thing I have seen for some time. I went to that page in Firefox, it took 20 seconds to load, flashed the first image then blank screen for a further few seconds for another image to come down. Just made my day 😆

  • Hi Sue

    Many thanks for this information. It this available for use to down load on our account? If so then I’m missing something as I cannot find a download option.

  • Hi Sue,

    I’ve downloaded the new version but have a problem on install : Symantec Endpoint notifies me that the file PB126.EXE is infected. The installation then finishes but PB126.EXE is not on my computer so can’t use PB 12.6 Classic.

    Is it only me or has it been reported by others ?




  • I applied my license file that I had generated for PB 12.5.  It accepted it during the installation, but if you open up the program, it thinks I am using an “Evaluation” version.  What gives?


    I also finally figured out to get to my licenses (really complicated) and I upgraded my license to PB 12.6, but even that file still shows as an Evaluation version.

    • Hi Shenn,

      Are you using a served or unserved license?   

      Please open your .lic file with a text editor and upload the contents or at least a snippit of the license that includes the entire line that starts with this:


      Also, please add LogSySAM=2 into your pb.ini file located in this directory:

      C:\Users\youruserlogin\AppData\Local\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.6

      and upload the sysam log file so I can take a look at it?

      Thank You,


      • Product Name: pb126GA

        Instance Name: pb126GA

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Using licenses from: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.6\PB126.lic

        DesiredEdition=PowerBuilder – EE


        CO Filter: ‘PE=EE;LT=SS’

        CO Feature: ‘PowerBuilder’

        CO Version: ‘2013.0401’

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Checked out graced license for 1 PowerBuilder (2013.0401) will expire Fri Sep 12 16:09:08 2014.

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Error (131281): Failed to obtain 1 license(s) for PowerBuilder feature from license file(s) or server(s).

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Error (131093): License file does not support this version. pb126GA requires a license version of 2013.0401 or greater but only licenses for previous releases are available. If you are entitled to use this version of pb126GA then check for updates at the Sybase Product Download Center and regenerate and deploy your license updates.

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Error (0): License feature name:  PowerBuilder

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Error (0): Application version > License version: 2013.0401 > 2010.12250

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Error (0): License search path:   C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.6\PB126.lic;

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Error (0): FLEXnet Licensing error:-21,126

        2014/08/14 09:10:14  Error (0): For further information, refer to the Sybase Software Asset Management website at

        License Verified

        • Hello Alexander,

          I guess your .lic file contains this line:


          PB 12.6 is expecting a .lic file with this version: 2013.0401

          Hence the error message:

          License file does not support this version. pb126GA requires a license version of 2013.0401 or greater but only licenses for previous releases are available

          Probably the .lic file has not been updated to support this new version 12.6…


  • I’m a little confused….is this PB15 renamed to 12.6 or just an update to 12.5? If it’s the later do you need a sap support plan to get it or just a 12.5 license?

    In any case, could you suply a link to the feature list please.



    • Yes,  I believe the support for 12.0 was listed as ending end of 2012, but we will extend that thru mid November to align with past Sybase practice of EOM 90days after the newest release

  • Is there a new license download page.  I applied my license file that I had generated for PB 12.5.  It accepted it during the installation, but if you open up the program, it thinks I am using an “Evaluation” version. 


    • Miguel,

      You will need a new PB 12.6 license but it cannot be generated yet.   This is a known issue and is being looked into.  You should be fine until then using PB 12.6 in evaluation mode.


  • SAP PowerBuilder 12.6, which seams to have the same functionality of SAP PowerBuilder 15.

    1. 1) Is SAP PowerBuilder 12.6 just SAP PowerBuilder 15 renamed? Or is SAP PowerBuilder 15 has more features?
  • Sue – regarding source control…are there changes to the SR files that get created or is the migration just for the PBL? When we went from PB 9 to PB 12.5 we had to check out every object prior to the migrate and then checked back in afterward so the source files were correct to support Unicode (and other reasons).  We always build our PBLS from the source when doing a build.


    Chris Craft

    • Hi Chris

      Unicode was added in v10 but there haven’t been significant changes like that since that time. I will confirm w/engienering to be sure and post back as soon as I hear.

      Best regards


  • Hi All,

    You should now be able to generate your PowerBuilder 12.6 licenses.    Please make sure you choose PowerBuilder 12.6.when generating the license.

    After generating, if you open the license with any text editor, you should see this line about half way down, the 2013.04010 is what you are looking for.

    INCREMENT PB_ENTERPRISE SYBASE 2013.04010 permanent

    If you still are having trouble generating a PB 12.6 license, I’d suggest opening a new support incident with the component XX-SER-LIKEY-SYB.


    PS.  InfoMaker 12.6 only licenses should be available shortly.  

      • Greg,

        There is a PPT/PDF available that shows all the steps you need to take to generate a license.

        Simplest way to get to the PDF version of this document:

        1 – Go to

        2 – Click on “How to Request License Keys – SAP Sybase” which should display the document in PDF format.

        Alternately you can get to the PPT version of this document by following these steps:

        1 -Go to to generate your license keys.

        Steps below to get to the PPT showing how to generate the license

        2 – On the left choose, “Documentation and Helpful Resources”

        3 – Choose the Sybase tab

        4 – You should see a PPT with the title, “How to Request License Keys for SAP Sybase”

        If that doesn’t explain it clearly to you, I’d suggest opening a support incident with the component XX-SER-LIKEY-SYB.


    • Patricia, it’s ok.

      2014/08/19 12:17:06  Using licenses from: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.6\PB126.lic

      DesiredEdition=PowerBuilder – EE


      CO Filter: ‘PE=EE;LT=SS’

      CO Feature: ‘PowerBuilder’

      CO Version: ‘2013.0401’

      2014/08/19 12:17:06  Checked out license for 1 PowerBuilder (2013.04010/permanent/16B3 300F 2A1B 6E1A).

      License Verified

      –License Report–

      Product Installed:  Wed Aug 13 16:09:08 2014

      PowerBuilder: 1

      Version: 2013.04010

      Status: OK

      License Expires:  never

      Stat: 0x00000000

      –End License Report–

  • Sue – Now that 12.6 is released (Yay!) when can we expect PDF functionality to be included?  This one is still killing me.  Just had another reported issue with Win 8.1 and Ghostscript.  I would be willing to take you, Dave and all of the developers out for drinks if they can get this included in 12.6.1! 🙂

    Chris Craft

    • HI Chris

      We are aware of this long standing request but don’t have any info now on including this in the product. Will update here if new info becomes available.


      • How about Top-Shelf drinks then!

        I can’t express it enough – this enhancement was one of the most requested (which I know you don’t need to be reminded of).  It is almost embarrassing at this point to tell customers we don’t have built in support for PDF and that they must use Ghostscript to get it to work.  Our customers have locked down most programs from being installed on users PC’s so this always generates the phone call saying ‘I cannot save as PDF’.  There are also security issues with printers being auto installed on workstations and with Win 8.1 they have stopped any unsigned printer driver from being installed unless you go through security settings to allow it.

        Anyway, I REALLY hope they can get this addressed otherwise I will start my Dump Ghostscript campaign on (OK – just joking there 😛 ).

        Thanks again Sue,

        Chris Craft

  • The local PowerBuilder distributor has just told me that the End Of Maintenance and removal from the Product Availability Matrix for version 12.6 is July 2017. Given the gestation period for this extremely limited release, with that date there can be no confidence that SAP has any intention of developing PowerBuilder any further.

    As there is no visible roadmap for PowerBuilder and no visible official statement of support or future availability, can anyone tell me why we should continue to use PowerBuilder, especially as we work towards re-engineering our 16 year old PB application?

    Sue? Care to comment?


    • Hi Paul

      SAP always announces an end of maintenance period for each new version at the time of its release. Sybase never did that and always announced a pending EOL 90 days in advance for tools and 1 yr in advance for server products. You’ll also see that 12.5.2 has an EOM date of Aug 2015 and that is per SAP practice as well of having 2 overlapping versions available for 1 yr. During our integration, dates were entered incorrectly for EAServer, and so we recently extend EAS EOL for Windows, Solaris, and Linux thru July 2016.

      I will share all new information as soon as it becomes available.

      Best regards


      • Hi Sue.

        As you mentioned EAS, what is going with it? The product will continue, or clients will be pushed to other solutions?

        Also it would be really interesting for us, powerbuilder developers, to have some info about powerbuilder future. V. 15 was renamed to v 12.6. I think it’s the first time we seen an announced product (with a beta release) changing version number. Personally I believe that the new version doesn’t provide enough improvements – new futures to justify a version number like 15. This of course is my humble opinion. Of course I’m still supporting the product by using it, and as we have a support plan (but facing many problems here in Greece with contracts migration to SAP – we have pb, 2 x ASE, ASA under support and still waiting for our customer id) we will use the new release. But I really believe, as many other have said in so many posts, that we need some points to make us confident to sap and powerbuilder. And until now, personally, I can’t say I feel confident.


        • EAServer will be supported through July of 2016 and then customers will need to migrate to other solutions.  As mentioned in another post, SAP announces an EOM date when a product is released to market; this and other support policies were designed with the original SAP ERP customer base’s needs in mind and it’s a practice that all newer products have also been included in over time. I will continue to put all information here as it becomes available; we don’t have other plans for PowerBuilder at this time.

          • Well I agree that no news and no Plans are bad news, especially if you dig into the SAP
            Development process.

            After GA of the new product  I would expect the next requirements “roll-in”  the nomination of “stakeholders”. The renaming of PB15 back to 12.6 was explained as lack of new features so what should be the Breaking New Things for PB 15? Web GUI with HTML5/SAPUI5 ? Well I’m just dreaming…

            I did not find a Roadmap or a release strategy The PB is attached to the Mobile Sector / Mobile Platform,

            SAP-Powerbuilder 12.6.jpg

            this Roadmap is still missing. It seems to be the only missing roadmap.

            Mobile Roadmap.jpg




            I did not find the PB on the SAP Product Availability Matrix see

            I hope that the promise from Dec. PBUGG Meeting in Walldorf is still true that a SAP
            released versions got support for 8 Years, so time starts ticking now.


            Found the maintenance date, for now that is 3 years for sure only…




    • Paul,

      my two cents:

      I also have looked at other options  (e.g. Oracle’s JDeveloper)  but as good they are (and JDeveloper is really good! ) PB has enabled us to do things that would require X (=being a larger number)  times more resources to do the same with any other tool.

      One can only hope that the “Product Availability Matrix for version 12.6 is July 2017″ means that PB gets new versions in 2015,2016, ….

      At the same time, I agree that a roadmap would be nice, but as we have waited some time for version 12.6, in our case – we can wait a little bit more.


      • Hi Kari.

        The product is really good for client server applications… The problem is about confidence. Information about future release and future plans should be available as soon as possible. As you said, if we have a new release in 2015 and another one in 2016 then the EOL isn’t so important. But the question is: what happens if there isn’t another version until 2017?


      • Hi Karl,

        I’ve been looking at other tools but it’s modern techniques that are missing – generics, dependency injection, parameterised constructors and so on. I’ve been trying to work out how to do MVC with PowerBuilder and the way seems to be to exclude the datawindow (heresy!) outside the Model, and then PowerScript alone just doesn’t cut it.

        Please don’t misunderstand me, I worked for Powersoft and Sybase and was a PB instructor, as was Lars who sits next to me now. Our two colleagues have their entire programming career invested in PowerBuilder. Absolutely the last thing we want is to see PowerBuilder go away, we’d much, much, much rather carry on using it.

        However, our application is old and tired and needs re-invigorating. We’ve started a 12 month process of requirements gathering and making architecture decisions. Retraining is on the cards and we will use the best tool for the job. At the moment that isn’t PowerBuilder.

        Andreas is quite correct. It’s all about confidence. I mean no disrespect but are you really prepared to bet the success of  your business on “One can only hope….”? We aren’t, and way too many other PowerBuilder shops are feeling the same way. SAP are saying “we’ll tell you about the future at some point in the future”. Sorry SAP, we’re planning for the future today.

        If SAP don’t do something soon to regain the trust and especially the confidence of the PB community it will continue to drift away. Personally I believe that to be SAPs intention. Just like Sybase before them, PB was secondary in the purchase of what they really wanted, the Mobility business and iAnywhere. The only value of to them of PB in the acquisitions was as a foot in the door to the legion of Oracle sites that use it. They have no intrinsic interest in a Windows development tool and if you think about it, are they really going to invest the considerable sum of money required to bring PowerBuilder up to today’s expectations of such tools? I can’t see it myself.

        SAP must announce categorically their intentions with PowerBuilder, even if they are planning to discontinue it. To prolong the present drifting and uncertainty is simply demonstrating the contempt for their customers for which they are so well known.

        Enough, Paul

        BTW Visual Studio developers have much the same problem with Microsoft’s apparent lack of drive with WPF.

        • Paul and Lars,

          yes, I agree with you on most points. At the same time, our application is client/server – there  just isn’t a need e.g. a browser or mobile version, that is the nature of the application / business. Where we have had a need for thin client solutions we have used tools like 2x or  Citrix that has enabled us to offer our product/solution as a service (SaaS).

          I dont think we are alone here, many PB applications have been developed to do and support a specific business related task, within an organisation.

          A couple years ago we did start to move the application to another platform, but after a while stopped as  we realised that it would have taken us years to get where we are currently. Hence we took e.g. 2x route and that allowed us to have traditional client/server offering as well as a thin client solution.

          As an example, doing an update using a stored procedure from a java(JDeveloper) tool requies a little bit of coding , in PB and datawindow the “coding” is almost non-existing – one just tells the DW what procedure to use. 

          As a personal comment, MVC is fine but when we have world class database products that can help us, why do we need  to code everything from scratch to the middle layer and in worst case use the database as a dumb flat file storage?

          So, in summary – for us – we continue to develop our solution with PB (classic) and when there is a need to do e.g. something web-based, we use other tools. 

          PB then serves as a reference application as our business logic is coded into Oracle database. We would like to think that our solution is 3-tier, as the application has none of the business logic in it , everything is in the database. The application just helps and supports the users to do their work in the best possible way.

          At the same time, SAP should make a clear statement either way – it is the uncertainty that is the worst.

    • Price list or not: They sell it through their distributors.

      I just talked with my distributor. He sells PowerBuilder and you get the download link.

      PB12.6 is available there!


    • Hi Chris;

         The fact that SAP have not put it into the SAP Price Book way before now should tell you something. The price book would mean a minimum 8 year commit to the product – right?  😉

      Regards … Chris

      • This was my intension with my reply  ( to Sue’s post.


        Mainstream Maintenance for PB 12.6 will end 31.07.2017 and we see no further planning’s. So what means this for the warm words that SAP will Support “Official” Products for 8 years? BTW: The name under”Product:” in the Screenshot is still “SYBASE Powerbuilder” while the “Official Name:” is SAP Powerbuilder 12.6.

        So a clear SAP statement is missing, we are just guessing…



        • I think part of the problem is that SAP is a huge company and all changes to the website have to go through IT and get prioritized along with all their other projects. The product center doesn’t have the ability to make any changes. That is why the product name is inconsistent.

      • I was hopeful for PB’s future when SAP bought Sybase but now I am starting to see similarities with CA’s acquisition of Nantucket’s Clipper back in the day. Has you probably remember, that didn’t turn out well for Clipper either. 🙁 I will keep my fingers crossed.

        Best Wishes,

        Chris Daugherty

  • Installed PB12.6 yesterday. Has anyone reported this issue before:

    Please restart IDE: The cryptography module loaded incorrectly. The password for the database and application server profiles will be lost.

    This appears in statusbar when I create SNC database profile.

    Of course IDE as well as computer were restarted multiple times.

    Windows Server 2008 SP2

    PB 12.5 installed and works fine on the same computer.

  • Hello, i’m using PowerBuilder since v6.5 for my own business. I own a regular license for PB 12.5 that i can still handle using the old sybase product download center site, but i havent purchased support.

    I’m reading that to download the eval version of the new PB 12.6 i need to do it from the SAP Martkplace, but it’s not clear where and how i should get a new account to access it and download the eval.

    Could someone please help me?