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Deleting a Template in a Different Context

When working with documentation in a Solution Manager system, one can eventually face problems when dealing with templates for documents. Many inconsistencies are already easily corrected by running the report SOLAR_DOCTYPE_TEMPLATE_CLEANUP.

Besides that, a very common situation I’ve seen in the past, is when the document was created but the template did not reflect the content created for it and users would get confused. This generally happens when the template exists in two different contexts.

It could happen that someone accidentally created a new version of it in a different context or an inconsistency happened when maintaining it. In order to correct this, one of the versions must be deleted.

Finding if the document exists in multiple contexts

To find if the document exists in more than one context, it is necessary to first take note of the documentation type. For this, in transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN, access the menu “Goto” -> “Project Template”-> “Implementation Projects”


Then navigate to tab “Documentation Types”,  find the type you’re looking for and take note of it’s ID(in this example “ZATT”).


With this information, we now access transaction SI80 and navigate through menu “Utillities”–>“Settings”-> “Select Areas” and then select “Solution Manager”.


Then we set the context through menu “Utillities”–>“Settings”-> “Change Context” (or just use the button “Context”). Here we select the language “EN” and release “610”.


Then we go through the menu “Utillities”–>“Find”->”Find Info Objects”. Depending on the Solution Manager version, it may ask again for the area, just select “Solution Manager”.

In the upcomming popup, fill the field “Technical Name” under the section “Info Objects” with the technical name of the template document, which will be “TEMPLATE.xxxx” where xxxx stands fo the Documentation type ID you took note previously. In this example it is “TEMPLATE.ZATT”.


After running , this should find the document and bring it in a displayed list. Here select the entry and navigate through menu “Utillities”->”Context List”.


A popup will show up, listing all contexts in which this document exists. In this case, the document exists in two different contexts.


Deleting the document from a context

To delete the document from a context it is necessary to access transaction SI80 and navigate through the menu “Utillities”->”Settings”->”Change Context”.


At the popup, click on “Show Enhancement” and enter the values:  /KWCUST/ 620. In this case the template was originally created for release 610 and then a second version was created for 620, so I want to the delete the new version and keep the original.


You’ll see the context changed in SI80 initial screen.


Now, it is necessary to use again the menu “Utillities”->”Find”->”Find Info Objects”(Now it’ll show the context set previously).


The result list should now list the document in the context you’ve set previously. Select it’s entry and use the menu “Info Object” -> “Delete”.


A confirmation popup should appear here.


After confirming, the document will be deleted in this context and only the original one will exist for usage in the projects documents.

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