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Unified Inbox portal integration part 2 – Theming

Continuing Unified Inbox portal integration and theming blog series. Unified Inbox portal integration – Part 1

Theming in Unified Inbox is complicated topic due to the fact that the task applications accessible from Unified Inbox can use any of the web technologies. Theming across varied web technologies is always a challenge. In this article we will deal with following web technologies.

  • – SAP UI5
  • – Webdynpro Java
  • – Webdynpro ABAP

you can use SAP portal theme designer (refer:Working with the UI Theme Designer – Portal – SAP Library, Customizing the portal using the new UI Theme Designer – Part 1) to create themes that span across these web technologies. For other UI technologies please refer to the documentation of respective UI technology.

Another reason is there are always multiple systems participating in the Unified Inbox scenario. For Ex: Portal, Gateway, each task provider systems like BPM, BWF etc. In this case theming across systems needs to be considered.

Because of the above theming in Unified Inbox requires elaborate setup and configuration. To apply a chosen theme across Unified Inbox and its task applications follow the steps described below.

Theme Configuration for Unified Inbox – Standalone

Configure theme for Unified Inbox in configuration. Refer: <Link to Unified Inbox configuration>

    1. Use transaction SPRO and navigate to SAP Reference IMG. Navigate to “Unified Inbox Configuration” page. It is the highlighted node in the following image./wp-content/uploads/2014/08/1a_512243.png
    2. In the Unified Inbox configuration page set the value for “THEME”. The value of this field will be the new theme you want apply to Unified Inbox./wp-content/uploads/2014/08/1b_512244.png
  1. Configure theme for Webdynpro Java runtime environment.

A default theme can be set for the Web Dynpro Java applications by configuring the property sap.theme.default.

Following steps describe how to this configuration. (Use system administrator privileges to do this configuration)

    1. Log in to NetWeaver Administrator either by choosing NetWeaver Administrator on your engine’s Start page or by entering the following URL: http://<your host name>:<port>/nwa
    2. In the top level navigation, select Configuration and in the second level navigation bar, select Infrastructure.
    3. Select Application Modules, and in the Module List section enter “tc~wd~dispwda” (or parts of this string) into the filter row. The complete path name for the module is displayed: “webdynpro/resources/
    4. In the Web Module Details section, select the Web Dynpro Properties tab and select default from the corresponding table.
    5. In the Full Details section, navigate to the property sap.theme.default, and assign required theme value.
    6. To save your changes, select Save in the Web Module Details section.StyleSheetConfiguration.png

For more details Refer:  Setting the Theme – Portal – SAP Library

  3.  Configure theme for Webdynpro ABAP runtime environment.

       You can configure the theme globally for all Web Dynpro ABAP applications. To do this, run the WD_GLOBAL_SETTING Web Dynpro ABAP application,           select change mode, and enter the required stylesheet for all applications in wdThemeRoot.

You can also use WDTHEMEROOT application parameter in your Web Dynpro ABAP application to configure the desired theme.

For more details Refer: Stylesheets in Web Dynpro ABAP – Web Dynpro for ABAP – SAP Library

Note: There is no need to configure UI5 theme centrally and Unified Inbox handles it internally.

If the CSS files are in another system other than the system where the application is hosted, this needs to be maintained in the White List in case of both Webdynpro ABAP and Webdynpro Java UI technologies. In the SAP UI5 case a WebDispatcher needs to configured to redirect the calls to these CSS files to the right system.

Refer SAP Note 1049391 and Security Risk List – Security Issues for Web Dynpro ABAP – SAP Library

Configuring the SAP Web Dispatcher – Portal – SAP Library

Theme Configuration for Unified Inbox – integrated in portal

To apply themes defined in portal to Unified Inbox when integrated in SAP Enterprise portal follow the steps described below.

  1. If UI5 iView is used to integrated Unified Inbox in portal, the property “hand over portal stylesheet” of the UI5 iview has to be set to Checked.PersonalizeThemes.png
  2. If SAP Enterprise portal and Unified Inbox resides on two separate systems a WebDispatcher needs to be configured to redirect all theming requests to appropriate system.

Configuring the SAP Web Dispatcher – Portal – SAP Library


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