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Points to be Considered While Changing Connection of SAP BW NW to OLAP Conn BEx Query and Qaaws (Web Services) in Dashboard 4.1 SP2

Points to be Considered While Changing Connection of SAP BW NW to OLAP Conn BEx Query and Qaaws (Web Services) in Dashboard 4.1 SP2

I have faced issue during migrating SAP BO 3.1 to SAP BO 4.1 and I would like to highlight issues where I faced.  I checked the upgrade issues from other friends and the issues are not same as like them and so thought to post them.

  1/ BEx Query Restricted Filters in Default Values are not supported. Restrict filters need to be implement on BO Dashboard Side or else put into the Characteristic Restrictions.


2/ Overall Result (Suppress Total) will not get from BEx Query in Dashboard Excel.


For this problem we need to do sum at excel level or create web intelligence report using of query and do the summation at report level then create web service. Using of Qaaws connection get the data into the dashboard.

3/ Through BEx Query Browser Connection, Cross Tab Data will not possible in Dashboard Excel.

  1. i.e. State wise Monthly Sales Revenue

















For this problem same procedure we need to follow, we have to create web intelligence report using of query then create web service for that table format. Using of Qaaws connection get the data into the dashboard.

4/ Dynamic Prompt value need to be assigned through List of Values filed in Query Browser.

5/ When BW side User Prompt is Multiple Selection then It won’t work in dashboard query browser also in web intelligence report, On Dashboard side it will be changing automatically in between value Prompt. We have to take Single selection Prompt Variable from BI side. Or we have to give specific function to be assign in query (i.e. Sum, between, Less Then, Greater Then etc).


6/ If Date filter is to be null from BI, It won’t work in BO Dashboard because we have to enter value in Date filter. So, BI side we will take Date filter in Characteristic restriction not in default value.

7/ Date format should be MM/DD/YYYY and pass it from excel to BI Prompt.

Go to Format Cell and Click on Data and Time, select MM/DD/YYYY Format as date.

8/ In Dashboard Qaaws Connection (Web Services), BI Query must have mandatory prompt variable. Else you should remove prompt variable from query if you don’t want to pass value. Same example …

9/ In SAP BI Mobile Application, Dashboard and Reports work only BO Prompt. For BI Prompt, You have to upgrade in SAP BO 4.1 SP4.

10/ BO don’t support BEx Conditions.


Condition should be applied on BO Level.

11/ Web Services return error WIS 30351, wrong data or no data when multiple instances of the same web service (or Query) is opened simultaneously. To resolve this issue please apply SAP Notes 1938768.

Or you can create two different web intelligence reports and create different web services for the same. Also user has to give priority to execute query to remove this error.

See below example …. Same BI Query I have used, but two different reports and connection to get different data after passing different prompt value.


12/ Web Intelligence report will display shorting automatically, which needs to be changed as per custom requirement.

13/ Web Services will not consider blank column as per web intelligence report and it will be put the data from 1st column. For Example, below data is to be display in excel through web services connection,


Now month will be increase after every month (Web Intelligence report will add one column after one month). In this scenario User will give specific size to display data. If user will give 12 months column. So above data will display in following format.


For this, Developerhas to manually add column size for the monthly data. Otherwise report structure will become wrong. Or else developer has to use of indexing (it will be impact on performance of dashboard).

14/ Mandatory prompt are not working in Query Browser but it is working in web Services Connection.

This issue is resolve in SAP BO 4.1 SP4 up gradation.

15/ QAAWS Connection Dashboard doesn’t support in SAP BI Mobile Application.

SAP take this incident as bug, this will be resolve in SAP BO 4.1 SP4 patch 1 and above.


16/ Due to format of Excel, Cal Month is passes as “0012014 “but actual it should be pass as “12014”.

For this issue developers have to use format cells or concatenation after using some dynamic formula.

17/ we have to add Total details in footer in QWAAS connection, while adding Break in Web Intelligence Report and create and using Web Service on dashboard.

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