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       Generally we check data in ECC from srm like creating a function module in ECC and calling from srm system using destination statement.Using META_READ_TABLE we can avoid this.

META_READ_TABLE function module is used to check data in ECC from SRM in srm system itself.


lt_options – where clause to function module

lt_fields  – Fields names for which the data needs(long tables)

lt_contents – contains data in a single string.

we can get logical system from function module “BBP_GET_BACKEND_SYSTEMS”

A) Small Tables :

fm small.JPG

Table T024W is small table so no need to specify lt_fields.

But we need to specify where condition ,Here I am check whether the plant having purchase organisation or not so passing werks field to lt_options

Passing plant from front-end srm portal.


lt_contents contain data of T024W table.

B)Large Tables : When comes to large table we need to specify required fields if not we will encounter with performance issues.

Here I am checking material extended to plant or not


As Marc table is very large so we need to specify only required fields.


So here iam passing matnr,werks & ekgrp fields

Passing plant  & material as where condition from front-end srm portal


    CONCATENATE ‘AND ‘ ‘MATNR’ = ‘ `’`  lc_matnr  `’`  into lwa_options-text respecting Blanks

    APPEND lwa_options TO lt_options[].

we will get data of matnr,werks,ekgrp into lt_contents as a string.

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