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Automatic GL determination in Service PO/PR based on Service Material Groups

To default the GL account while creating the Service PO’s, we need to follow the below configuration’s.

1. Create a Service Material Group in T-code OMSF.

MSG 1.png

2. Create a Valuation class by using T-code OMSK and then link to Account Category reference of service.


3. Use the T-code OMQW to map the Service Material Group  (STEST) to Valuation Class (STES).

MSG 3.png

4. Once the above steps are completed , we need to use T-code :OBYC to map the valuation class STES to GL in Transaction Key GBB- Offsetting entry for inventory posting to the Account Modifier VAX,VBR and VKP. Also similarly to Transaction Key WRK-GR/IR clearing account with respect to your chart of account.

MSG 4.png

MSG 5.png

5. After that we have try to create a PO for the new service material group and it is defaulting the GL account which we have mapped in T-code: OBYC.

MSG 6.png


We can use the table T023 for Material Group mapping to Valuation Class and T030 for Valuation class mapping to GL account based on the Transaction Key and account modifier.

I believe this document is useful those who are new to SAP MM.



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