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Changing the IP address SAP B1 Analytics Platform points to

Dear SAP B1H/B1A Consultants,

In this post I intend to share an experience that I had with the Analytics Platform of SAP Business One version for HANA: After having the system setup and running there was a need to change the server IP address; once done that, the Analytics Platform suddenly stopped working.

As you might know, when the Analytics Platform is installed (the same applies to the Licence Manager and Extremem App Framework) it gets to point to a hostname or server IP address where the HANA instance is hosted. This configuration can be managed on the System Landscape Directory (SLD) under the tab Services, where it is possible to access the Analytics Platform Administration Console to perform operations such as database initialization.

The three applications (License Manager, Analytics Platform and Extreme App Framework) are meant to be updated and even deleted from the Services tab on the SLD. However, none of those functions are available (as per SAP Business One 9.0 version for HANA PL 11) for the Analytics Platform, as shown in the following image:


In this case the Analytics Platform is correctly setup and pointing to the server IP address If the server happens to expose (change to) a different IP address, this configuration must be updated on each application, so that they end up pointing to the right IP address (and thus to the right server). Since it’s not possible to “Edit” or “Delete” the Analytics Platform entry from the table, the important question to answer is: How to change the IP address the Analytics Platform points to? Specially if the customer is in front of you and wants his system back on track immediately!!

The answer is simple, although not specified on the SAP B1H/B1A documentation: There is an Analytics Platform config file in /opt/sap/SAPBusinessOne/AnalyticsPlatform/conf/ named AnalyticsService.conf. Open it and change the address value:


Save and close the file, and then restart the SLD service. All the analytics capabilities should be back and SAP B1H/B1A clientes should operate as usual. You could also check the Service tab on SLD to see the change on the IP address of the Analytics Platform entry.

Hope this helps.


Alejandro Fonseca

Twitter: @MarioAFC

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