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SAP PP – REM Step with T-code

SAP PP – REM Step With T-code:

SAP REM Process step with T-code to cover full cycle of REM Process

Steps for REM process T-code
Create REM Profile OSP2
Create Cost Centre KS01
Create Primary and secondary Cost Element KA01
Create Activity type KL02
Activity type/Price Planning KP26
Work Centre CR01
Create Material MM01
Create BOM CS01
Create Routing/Rate Routing CA01/CA21
Create Production Version MM02 (After BOM and Rate Routing Create PV)
Define Cost component structure OKTZ
Create Preliminary Product Cost collector/Standard Cost estimate KKF6N/(CK11N+CK24) or CK40N
Primary Cost Estimate MF30
Maintain Stock Raw material or SFG Stock maintained before MFBF
REM Confirmation MFBF
Post Processing MF47
To see Backlash documents MF12
Over head calculation CO42
Variance calculation KKS6
Settlement KK87

MF50 : Planning Table (It’s Optional in SAP REM )

Planning table provides the basis for planning and production control in Repetitive Manufacturing

For full cycle of SAP REM With basic step Please check below Document

SAP REM full cycle scenario with basic step

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