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SAP NetWeaver Portal Movie Critic: TechEd Invitation

Hello everybody,

I have seen videos from this playlist SAP TechEd – YouTube and I was interested in one of them. So I decided to write a short blog as a critic to it.

My SAP carrier started only one year ago, so I am pretty new in the community. But one day I would like to visit SAP TechEd and some similar conferences. I think it is very important to keep in touch with new technologies, trends and innovations given by SAP. And when can you get more information than during a conference where you can meet the most involved people in the world? Well, since I am from Czech Republic I think my first SAP TechEd visit will be in Berlin. Unfortunately it will be probably not sooner than in couple of years…

Here you can look at video which I mentioned: (I am sorry for not inserting the video directly to the blog, but I did not find how to do it…If you can advice me I will edit it)

SAP Portal @ SAP TechEd 2013 – Aviad Rivlin – YouTube

Do you like it? Or not? Place your opinion in a comments below the article.

Since this is a critic I will start with “cons” part.

Did you see that large building in the beginning of the movie? Do you know it? Despite the fact I have never been in Las Vegas (even anywhere in United States unfortunately…), I know that it is hotel Palazzo in Las Vegas. Well, but the movie seems not to be meant as an invitation to SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. As I understood from the speech, it is meant to invite the people on any SAP TechEd in 2013 (as we can see from the title). Only the detail.

What I didm’t like more is speaker don’t looking to the camera. And not only that, he is looking to one exact place during the whole speech. It looks like he is reading the text from a board or better monitor (something white and rectangular is reflecting at the speaker’s glasses) placed left from the camera (from his point of view). It doesn’t seem to be very professional. Does he talking to us or somebody else standing on ours right side? Of course he can read the text, but at least it should look like he is not reading it. By the way the speech was short enough to be able to learn it and speak without reading it.

Well, lets pass to the “pros”.

I like the music playing inthe background. I like it very much, it is positive and happy. Also the introduction is very good held and it gaves smooth beginning to the movie. The same for the end for the movie.

I aprecciate shortness of the movie. It is invitation, it is not neccessary to tell so much things. And the most important things were clearly said – who is the person, what is he doing, what can he and his team offer at SAP TechEd and, of course, official invite for everybody who is looking at the movie.

I like this video despite the small details. Be sure to visit Announcement of SAP Portal and HANA Cloud Portal Gamification Movie Challenge.

Best regards

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  • Hi Kamil Vesely,

    i watched the video but i differ from your opinion that “Aviad Rivlin looking at some note

    board and reading”. In Most cases there will be more than one camera exist before the presenter so i suppose your statemnt is not correct.



    • Hi Makesh,

      thanks for you response.

      But look at the angle. It really doesn’t seem to two cameras be there. Or they are placed almost at same place. There are 4 or 5 scenes, when speaker is talking, and all of them look almost the same (just one is more zoomed than the others).

      Kind regards

  • Hi Kamil!

    Thanks for your contribution and your detailed critic, I will forward it to the “movie makers” in our team. Your blog is accepted for the movie challenge and you will receive SCN points and the badge in the next days. Sorry for my late response (I was on vacation).

    Kind regards