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How to fill Setup table for multiple single values


Some of the SAP LO extractors do not allow to fill setup table for multiple single values.

E.g. for application area Sales order – 11,Delivery – 12, Billing – 13


You can see above, there is no option to enter multiple single value.

So if we have few hundred documents  to be filled in setup table which are not in one single range, then it is tedious task. You will have to fill in setup table multiple times.

But this problem can be solved, but running this progam in debug mode.

Enter mandatory fields and enter /H (debug mode) and execute the program. Enter termnination date and time properly. Otherwise program will give error.

Here we are using program to fill in setup table for Sales Orders (11). But this same method works for Sales order , Delivery and Billing also.

In debug mode search for below string and add breakpoint there.


Press F8 and program will stop at this step.

Presss F5 and get inside the form “select_option_fill”

This form assigns the range entered in selection screen to internal table dd_belnr.


We can replace the contents of internal dd_belnr through flat file upload. This is standard feature of ABAP debugger. It is possible that, in production system , updating internal table in debug mode may not be allowed. In such case, special permission may have to taken to allow such update in  debug mode.


You can use following option of ABAP debugger to upload file. It should have 3 columns (or 4 if you set of multiple ranges)

In case of multiple singe values contents will be. I have attached test file in the document. I have created it in Tab Delimited format.

I      EQ     Docnumber1

I      EQ     Docnumber5

I      EQ     Docnumber7

For multiple ranges, it will be

I      EQ     Docnumber1     Docnumber5

I      EQ     Docnumber9     Docnumber10

I      EQ     Docnumber15   Docnumber22

Entire content of table dd_belnr will be replaced with content of file.


Press F8 to continue the program.

Run RSA3, to see if your Setup table is properly filled in.


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