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Display Stock in Unit of Entry/Issue from Goods Movement Overview in CO11N

If “Display Stock” function is used in goods movement overview of CO11N, the base unit of measure is used to display stock quantities.

If you want to have the stock displayed in the unit of entry implement  BAdi WORKORDER_GOODSMVT and add the following coding in Method GM_SCREEN_OKCODE_CHECK:

DATA: wa_comp TYPE LINE OF ty_t_cowb_comp.

  if i_okcode = ‘MMBE’.
    loop at ct_comp into wa_comp where mark = ‘X’.
      set PARAMETER ID ‘MMBE_ME’ field wa_comp-ERFME.

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  • Hi Ulrich,

    Thank you for sharing the BADI and CO11N details. I need this functionality working for C011N with help of ABAP Team we had incorporated this code. When testing this code using CO11N i am not able to see unit of entry details.

    Can you please help with providing more details on this new functioanlity and how to test this