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Goods Exchange process using Schedule lines in SAP-SD (Basic Idea)

Sales Order processing is a Giant in itself and many different scenarios can be applied to it. One such scenario is Goods Exchange. There are many methods to achieve this however I found this method quite fascinating.

This method is actually a basic technique but many fail to remember so I thought I shall share it once again.

The Components of a Sales Order are:


  • Document Type configuration

Item Category

  • Document type
  • Item Category Group
  • Higher level Item Category
  • Item Usage

Schedule Line Category

  • Item Category
  • MRP type (If available)

Yes, Schedule Line Category is the main component responsible for this scenario.

The movement type shown here can be changed to (for example)

So lets imagine a real scenario:

For an order type “OR” you can use the actual material sales with the following:

Item category Group: NORM

Item category: TAN

and for the returns material (this can be referenced to the actual material while creating with a different item category group) with the following:

Item Category Group: LUMF (For example)

Item Category: Custom item category assigned against the document type, Item category group and Usage

Schedule Line Category: Custom Schedule Line category with the desired movement type.

And voila 🙂

You now have a single sale order for exchange of goods.

I hope you find this useful.

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