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Benefits of SAP Cloud for the SME Customers and IT Managers

Now it is the time for SME’s and ME’s to take the benefit of Cloud Technology. Now is the time to align their Corporate strategies with IT strategies. They have to take the utmost benefit of IT and gain more success. How they can do it? Just by taking a small step towards using of Cloud technologies. The benefits they achieve are huge..


The Biggest benefit customers will receive is of not inputting a lot of risk in terms of monetary affairs. The cloud brings in a service model that will eliminate to input a huge capex. Instead of which they can utilise the same for the business. The risk of managing the system and keep it up to date for the users to use it is also reduced. The company can input as their needs into the system and can be compliant, process driven and centralized.


Aligning the Corporate strategy to the IT strategy the company will eventually improve their processes and gain more efficiency into the work and process. the company will be a process driven instead of person dependent. There is a big role of Change management in this process. Implementing a proper change management by the IT Manager and team will help the whole organization to be aligned to its processes and remain fully compliant.


There is also a bigger role to play for an IT manager, by helping the management in the process of keeping both the Corporate and IT strategy aligned.He is the person whom will direct the teams and help in keeping the process going on smoothly. With the help of cloud technology the transition process for the standardisation of the processes will be done easily as the manageability of the solution is very less. The department only have to look after whether the processes are followed properly or not. if not then the exceptions have to be forwarded to the concern authorities and again monitor it to get it successfully solved.


Cloud will not just allow SME to increase its efficiency but it will also increase the overall productivity of the organization. As following a standard process that also with very less manual intervention is very easy for an end-user to perform and this will help him to manage his work in a proper manner which will eventually increase his productivity.


The IT Manager have to forget about managing the huge additional IT infrastructure, about the maintenance and monitoring of the system. Just instead of all this he has to focus on more of helping the end users to follow the system. It is also good for the IT managers in managing the whole system using on single pane. Everything integrated which helps to find out the loop holes and make the system more strong and effective to give increased output and add value to the organization.


The major role that IT managers play with the cloud for an organization is of an important Change Manager and Change Implementer.A change manage and imporve the organization in terms of Efficiency, Productivity and Compliance.

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