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Track changes in Sales Document in SAP SD – An Introduction

SAP-SD (Order Fulfillment) is one of the most important modules in SAP software. Fortunately the module revolves around the few master records that are created. One of my favorite statement is: ” Errors are not caused by Programs but it is always the master data “, I once heard it and ever since I remember it.

Anyways coming to the main picture, these master records will be used to create business data or sales data which in turn will be registered as sales documents. Now these documents, as you are already aware, can be edited by End Users, Programs & Consultants. Over time there will be a huge increase in sales document generation and flow where keeping track of them using the general reports and tables will become a general practice.

But sometimes there will be few incorrectness / incoherence in documents / data and none of the tables will be useful.

(Just incase:

VBAK, VBAP & VBEP are the sale order Header, Item & Schedule

LIKP & LIPS are the delivery documents Header & Item

VBRK & VBRP are the billing documents Header & Item

VBUK & VBUP are Document Status header & Item

VBFA is the sales document flow)

In that point of time, your best friend would be CDHDR CDPOS (Change document Header & Item) tables.

Just enter the document number (10 character so prefix with sufficient “0” before the document number) and enter it in field “objectid”

With information like this you can easily track what had happened to the concerned data field and you can easily identify the action point.

This is just an information I though I should share so that others could benefit from it.

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