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Lumira BEx Conditions with an Idea

Yesterday I attended this SAP webcast about Lumira and BW.


Source: SAP

Note you have to define your BEx conditions at the query level:


In this example I am selecting the top 6 budget projects.

I had tried using the conditions before on the crosstab and they worked:


The crosstab above shows the top 6 budgets for my projects (there are more than 6 projects here)

Are the BEx Conditions honored on the graph too?


Yes, the BEx conditions are honored on the bar chart above.

But what if I wanted to see the key and text of the project (not just the project text as shown above)?

I have to go back to my BEx query and change the properties as follows:


Note in the properties the setting is Key and Text


Lumira displays the project key and the description – but what if I just wanted to show the key without having to go back to the BEx query?  Ideally something like right clicking the project should allow me to show either key or text.  This is necessary as many companies do not allow changes to their BEx queries in production; they are treated as development objects.

In yesterday’s webcast we were encouraged to post our ideas on Idea Place – so here’s mine: Selecting BEx Query Key or Text from a Characteristic when Building a Visualization in Lumira : View Idea

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