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How to Install 2 Design Studio Releases on One Client (for Testing ONLY!)


You need to make some “upgrade comparison” in local mode and you have only one PC.


You have already installed older Design Studio Client (eg. 1.2 SP2). Now you would like to install Design Studio 1.3 SP1 in parallel to check if your scenarios are behaving as you expect – you just want to compare how the applications are looking in new release.


First, copy the content of “C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Design Studio” into different folder (eg. c:\DesignStudio\Release12_SP2\) and change the SapDesignStudio.ini file by adding the lines 2 and 3 between “Studio” and “-vmargs” to differentiate the workspace folder:

C:/<some personal folder>/workspace/ds_<version>

To be also separated in terms of the configuration, add also link to differenc tonfiguration folder at the end of the ini fiel as below:

-Dosgi.configuration.area=file:/C:/<some personal folder>/configuration/ds_<version>

Then make the upgrade to newer version as usual.

Now you have 2 releases. The new one is your release which you can start from Start Menu, the second you can start manually by executing “SapDesignStudio.exe”.


You can execute the “Solution” again on the new version and then you have completely separated versions available on your PC. It allows to have more than 2 releases / versions in parallel.


in case you have specified fixed port for the local jetty server, assure you have different ports for both releases.

Support Warning

This procedure is not supported in productive environment.

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  • Hi Karol ,

    Iam trying to install DS 1.5 and Keep the 1.4 version

    when I try to change the ini- i see this bw Studio & vmargs

    Design Studio

    -vm jre/bin/SapDesignStudioVM.exe


    Where I should put the workspace name?

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\Design Studio 1.4

    Thanks and regards


    • the workspace is an extra parameter, you should put it before the "-vmargs" line.

      the configuration is part of the vmargs, so you should put it at the end of the file.

      • Thank you Karol - so if I have understood you correctly I have to write the following (in bold unten):

        -vm jre/bin/SapDesignStudioVM.exe


        -vmargs C:/Program Files (x86)\SAP\Design Studio 1.4/workspace/ds_1.4

        -Dosgi.configuration.area=file:/C:/ Program Files (x86)\SAP\Design Studio 1.4/workspace/configuration/ds_ 1.4

        is it correct?

        Another question. we have installed a SDK extensions- I just need it on the 1.4 - will it keep working as usual?

        I can not make any mistakes -

        thanks for your help and best regards


        • Hello Emanuella,

          as written, this is an option for testing purpose only. I do not modify the real installation folder, it is rather making a copy into some temporary folder and setting it up to start the older version from this temporary folder.

          there are 2 important folders - workspace and config, SDK extensions will be installed to config. it means, you have to install 2 sdk extensions, one per version of design studio.


          • Hi Karol

            thanks - but I am not sure what I have to write in the file in the temp folder in order to start the older Version.

            is it correct what I have written in my previous comment?
            is it the right place to write it?

            thanks and regards