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This document introduce how to show language dropdown at NetWeaver java login page like:

language dropdown.png


SAP NetWeaver 7.0x,

SAP NetWeaver 7.1x,

SAP NetWeaver 7.2x,


To show the language dropdown, change the UME property ‘ume.logon.locale’ to


  1. Open configtool or offlinecfgeditor from
  2. Navigate to Configuration > cluster_data > server > cfg >
  3. Open Propertysheet
  4. Change property ‘ume.logon.locale’ to TRUE.


  • ‘ume.logon.locale’ is not available in 7.3x and later release. You have to modify logon page by developing.
  • The dropdown list shows all the language selectable but this does not
    mean all these languages are available in your system. You have to configure the
    supported language per note 1013521.
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  1. Former Member

    Hi, thanks for this post, but i can not find the path “Configuration > cluster_data > server > cfg > service” in my configtool. After “Configurations” i have only “cluster_config” and no “cluster_data” entry. I have sap portal netweaver 7.30 and 7.40. Can you help me?

    1. Victor Chang Post author


      Yes, in 7.3, tt’s little different but alomost same.

      You may try : cluster_config >system >instance >IDXXXXX >cfg >service

      and there is the property sheet we need.


      1. Former Member

        Hi, thank you, i could find the Propertysheet and set the property ‘ume.logon.locale’ to TRUE. But i can’t still see the language dropdown. I have also checked Note 1013521 for supported languages, everything looks good… Have you an Idea for me, what i can check now?

        1. Victor Chang Post author

          Sorry, I did some internal test, this parameter will not available in 7.30 and later version.

          That mean no startard function in 7.3 now. You have to customized the logonPage.jsp and certLogonPage.jsp.


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