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Discounts showing half of Fixed Spend entered

Hello All,

The below issue is a CRM TPM issue.

Problem Statement:

During the discount generation for TP’s for hierarchy, the trade spend values were not equally distributed within the accounts for the hierarchy node.

This majorly happened when the TP had 2 retrospective spend types in one TP.

Steps to Replicate:

We are trying to create a TP with 2 Retrospective Spend Method conditions, one for Unit and other Lumpsum.

When the discount amount is entered in planning bucket for the Lumpsum discount method condition, the value gets distributed in half for the accounts in a Account Hierarchy (Trade Promotion is created at hierarchy level)

We have the current situation where there is 1 product and fortunately one customer in the account hierarchy.

But then too the discounts are generated in halves.

Refer the below screen captures;

Fixed Spend of GBP 2500 entered


Discount shows as GBP 1250



As a part of resolution, implement the below SAP notes.

0001818251  Condition generation: spend values for split periods of TPM

0002023128  Trade Spend value is not distributed correctly on conditions

Appreciate your feedback over the same.

Keep Sharing..!!

Thanks & Regards,

Dinesh Rupraj

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