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Batch Determination Process

Batch determination Process

Batch determination process is to identify the Batch in relevant area by using strategy types, search strategies and search procedures. Batch determination procedures works similar to the pricing procedure. Batch Determination process is important in SD, WM and PP also. It helps to identify the particular batch with identical characteristics and it helps in reducing the time involved in the search of particular batch. It is important for the sales staff, to identify particular material for customer.

In order to configure the batch determination process, we have to define following:

  1. Condition Table
  2. Batch determination access sequence
  3. Batch Strategy type
  4. Batch search procedure
  5. Batch search procedure activation.

Prerequisite For batch Determination Process in MM:

  1. Materials must be Batch Managed (Purchasing View)
  2. The Materials should be classified with class
  3. Batch level has to be set: Client/Plant/Material level


Condition Table: In Batch determination process, condition table consists of number of field. Among those fields particular fields are selected and assigned to the condition table.

Transaction key: OMA1 (MM), OPLB (Process and Production order), V/C7 (SD), OMK4 (WM)

The condition table can be created in the IMG, by using navigation path:

Logistics-General—>Batch Management—>Batch Determination and Batch Check—>Condition Table



Once you generate the condition table, you have to define batch determination access sequence

Batch determination Access Sequence:

For each strategy type, there is a batch determination access sequence. The main function of the access sequence is to allow the strategy type to access the condition tables in the sequential manner. The strategy type with access sequence is automatic in nature. User cannot enter/edit the rate/value manually. Those without access sequence are manual in nature and user can edit the rate/value manually.

The access sequence can be configured by the navigation path,

IMG—>Logistics-General—–>Batch Management—->Batch Determination and Batch Check—->Access Sequence. Transaction key: OMCX (MM)



The access sequences ME01, ME02 are predefined in the SAP system. And these access sequences should not be modified. The user created access sequences should start with ‘Z’.

Once you create the access sequence, the condition table must be assigned to it.


NOTE: The access sequence is cross client and changes made in one client will affect all clients

Batch Strategy Type:

It is the procedure to select what type of criteria to be used during batch determination process. Batch strategy can be defined for various parameters like Movement type, Plant, storage location, according to the client requirement. Batch strategy can be configured using navigation path: IMG–>Logistics General–>Batch Management—>Batch determination and Batch Check–>Strategy Type OR Transaction OMCW.



The default class type for the batch determination is 023. And according to the client requirement particular classes can be added to the class type by maintain button. The strategy type must be assigned to the access sequence. The Selection type button allows the user to display the particular batches according to the search criteria. Sort sequence allows the user to sort the batches during search criteria. The sort sequence and selection type can be selected according to the client requirement.

Batch Search procedure:

Batch search procedure defines how the search procedure is defined for the batches. Batch search procedure can be configured by navigation Path, IMG–>Logistics General–>Batch Management—>Batch determination and Batch Check–>Batch Search procedure Definition for Inventory Management OR Transaction code OMCY.



Once you define the Search procedure you have to assign the Strategy type. Batch search procedure is created to carry out the step by step procedure to find out the particular batch. The Search will be conducted in the sequential manner. First it searches in the counter one strategy and then it moves for second counter strategy type.

Batch Search Procedure Allocation and Check Activation: In this you can assign the search procedure for the particular Movement Type. It can be done by navigation path, IMG –> Logistics General –> Batch Management —> Batch determination and Batch Check –> Batch Search procedure allocation and Check activation for Inventory Management OR Transaction code OMCG.


In this way batch determination procedure can be configured for the batch search procedure. It is the simplest form of batch determination. It will be more complicated based on the classes and sort sequence assigned.

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