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What Can SAP Simple Finance Provide Your Organization?

Many of you are likely to have questions about what is included or available options with the SAP Simple Finance offering. As a Product Marketing Director for SAP’s cloud based solutions that focus on the Finance Line of Business, I wanted to post a short blog providing a perspective of what your organization could use and benefit from with the SAP Simple Finance offering. I hope this blog will also encourage you to post more questions in the comments for me and the experts to address.

So, what exactly is included in SAP Simple Finance?

Short sFinance_Overview_v10.jpg

Based on SAP HANA, SAP Simple Finance is a new offering consisting of a set of end-to-end finance solutions delivered as easy to consume, yet comprehensive value packages covering the capabilities of the SAP Finance Value Map (depicted in the above image). For maximum choice and flexibility, SAP Simple Finance is offered with subscription pricing and can be deployed as a managed service via the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. This set of finance solutions can also be connected to other cloud and on-premise applications in a hybrid deployment model, allowing customers to protect and extend their current IT investments. The set of solutions includes:

Base Package     
     (SAP ERP Foundation Extension, financials add-on for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA)
Financial Planning and Analysis
     (including Planning and Reporting)

Accounting and Financial Close,

     (including Corporate Close, Financial Closing Cockpit, and Master Data Governance, Lease Administration by Nakisa)
Treasury and Financial Risk Management
     (including Treasury Operations, Treasury and Risk, Financial Services Network, and Commodity Risk Management)

Collaborative Finance Operations
     (including Receivables Management, Payables Management, Travel Management, and Shared Service Framework, Ariba Collaborative Finance)

Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management
     (including Risk Management, Fraud Management, and Audit Management)    

The offering can be connected  to the broad portfolio of public cloud applications from SAP for key lines of business such as human resources (HR), procurement, sales, service and marketing, as well as to the Ariba Network, enabling collaboration in the world’s largest trading community.

Common Questions:

I have heard others inquire if SAP Simple Finance is new code, or just a new provisioning of the SAP Value Map for Finance in SAP data centers. The answer is that SAP Simple Finance provides new code to customers in specific areas, for example in the financials add-on for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and in the new and planned finance applications based on the financials add-on (e.g. SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA and SAP Cash Management powered by SAP HANA, etc.). In addition, SAP Simple Finance also contains all existing SAP Finance solutions that are available for deployment in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. This provides consistent finance solution scope and capability independent of the customer’s choice of deployment.

Another frequent question is the choice of the word “simple”. Simple is not the first thing that springs to mind when we talk about enterprise-caliber finance solutions. We chose the word “Simple” to draw attention that we can now bring simplicity across the most complex finance tasks with the SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA. SAP Simple Finance is also designed to provide the most simple experience for easy cloud adoption — from the discovery of the solution to the deployment, until the actual usage by finance users. By leveraging modern design principles, customers also have the option to deploy the SAP® Fiori® user experience for personalized, responsive and simple interactions across most common financial tasks.

Three minute Video on SAP Simple Finance:

I encourage you to watch this short video from SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando 2014 where Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Executive Board SAP, and Prof. Dr. h.c. Hasso Plattner, Chairman of the SAP Supervisory Board, discuss what are the innovative benefits that SAP Simple Finance can provide your organization:

While all the enterprise-caliber capabilities of the solutions in the SAP Finance Value map are still available, the internal accounting architecture, analytical methodology, discovery, consumption, on-boarding, configuration, packaging, and extensibility are and will continue to be radically simplified. By delivering easy-to-consume, and simply subscribed value packages and progressively applying more and more cloud capabilities to the set of solutions over time, SAP recognizes that cloud deployment and consumption of enterprise software will be the “new normal”. Yet, SAP is moving beyond simple cloud enablement with SAP Simple Finance. We are delivering on all the benefits of the cloud (e.g. ease of deployment and consumption, etc.) while not compromising on SAP’s traditional strengths of enterprise caliber breadth and depth, high degree of automation, globalization and industry support.

Some concrete examples such as: Intercompany reconciliations on the fly, integrated planning, cash management, real-time analysis, and reduced data footprint are explained in this recent blog: SAP Simple Finance – A more detailed look.  That blog really brings to life how this offering combines the breadth of robust processes addressing complex business requirements with a simplfied, innovative and easy to consume environment.

In summary: SAP Simple Finance makes the most complex finance functions and tasks simple to consume and perform while delivering sophisticated capabilities.  I encourage you to watch the video and visit to learn more.

That’s all for now, I look forward to your questions!

Short sFinance_Overview_v10.jpg
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  • Hi, great approach ... we need something like SF for HCM LOB also for the Finance LOB and this looks quite promising. But localization (translation & legislation compliance) for the specific country is pre-requisite for penetration into market. How will be this achieved? What are options ...of delivering this. TB

    • Thanks for your question Tomaz, the SAP Simple Finance offering leverages the industry and internationalization scope of the SAP Business Suite which I believe is ~ 25 industries and more than 50 countries to match the local and global requirements of finance departments. More countries, languages and industry capabilities will be added based on early adopter feedback.

  • Hi Neil,

    is there a way to explore SAP Simple Finance. I mean, not just watching a video but getting access to a system and play with it.

    I've seen a Trial version of SAP ERP Foundation Extention here:

    Does this offer come with SAP Simple Finance? If not, do you plan a offering similar to the ERP Trial that we could try?

    - John

    • Thank you for your inquiry John.   Actually during Sapphire we showed at our expert tables a prototype of what a self-guided tour for SAP Simple Finance could look like.  We are already planning to provide in the near future a publically available trial/guided experience similar to what was presented at the Sapphire expert table.

  • Thank you for sharing this information Neil.  I believe SAP's solutions in the Cloud not only present new products, solutions, architecture and functionality - but a new business model in terms of how we strategise, sell, operate, deliver and support our customers.

    Early adoption information like this will certainly help towards SAP's and it's ecosystem's transformation towards the Cloud.  Thanks.

  • It's unclear if this competes, complements or replaces existing SAP ECC FI functionality. What SAP recommends for each customer, why, how.

    SAP recognizes that cloud deployment and consumption of enterprise software will be the "new normal"

    So, is SAP Simple Financials the roadmap evolution of SAP ECC FI?

    And how does this integrate with other logistics operations? SAP great advantage over the competition is the tight integration between financials and other company processes especially logistics related. How "simple" is the integration?

    EDIT: I also don't understand the obsession with "Simple". SAP has to keep explaning all the time that simple doesn't mean less functionaly. This should be a clear indicator that the buzzword isn't working. A marketing term that needs to be explained over and over again doesn't work!

  • Hello  Neil Krefsky

    Thanks for sharing, but is this integrated with the logistics module or its only for as a simple finance which handle finance related transactions..?

    What my understand is that, SAP is target for small sectors with SAP Simple Finance.

    Best Regards