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The Exodus DBMS Migration Tool – how to get a copy?

Last update:22-Dec-2017

NB: earlier, SAP Advanced SQL Migration was called ‘Exodus’. it was renamed in Q4 2017. This blog post will be updated soon.


When discussing Exodus, SAP’s DBMS migration tool for migrating custom (non-SAP) applications, invariably this question is asked:

“where can I download Exodus?”

The answer may be somewhat disappointing: you cannot download Exodus anywhere. Even SAP employees can’t.

Not surprisingly, the next question always is: “so how do I get a copy?”

First, it should be noted that Exodus is not an SAP product. Instead, it is a tool. One of the implications is that Exodus cannot be purchased; instead SAP makes it available at no cost.

Now, for SAP-corporate reasons, Exodus is only available to two specific target groups, namely (a) SAP employees and (b) SAP Partner companies who have joined the Exodus Partner Program.

For all users of Exodus, each copy of the migration tool is personalized and registered to the name of the individual or organization. SAP will generate such a personalized copy for those entitled to use Exodus, and make it available to the user whenever requested or required. This is why Exodus cannot be downloaded from a central location.

SAP Partners (i.e. members of the SAP Partner Edge program) can join the Exodus Partner Program. This is a no-cost program, but it does require some paperwork. For example, a license agreement for Exodus needs to be signed. Once the formalities are completed, the Partner receives its copy of Exodus, which can then be used by all employees of the partner organization for commercial opportunities with their customers or prospects.

One thing that the Partner cannot do, is charge the customer for Exodus specifically; however, the Partner can charge for their services, which can use Exodus (similarly, SAP itself does not charge for Exodus alone).

If you are an SAP Partner and you are interested in joining the Exodus partner program, contact your SAP Partner Manager (if you are not sure who that is,  contact

As may be clear from the above, currently Exodus is not available to customers or to the wider community (unless the customer also happens to be an SAP Partner). Customers who are interested in performing migrations should therefore work with either SAP or with an Exodus-equipped SAP Partner in order to benefit from the Exodus tool. In many cases, such customers would probably do that anyway since, as we’ve seen in earlier blog posts, custom-app migrations can be challenging and may require specific expertise.

If a customer is unable to work with an SAP Partner, please contact At SAP we will try to find a way to ensure that such customers can still get the benefits of the Exodus migration tool.


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