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Author's profile photo Karol Kalisz

Design Studio 1.3 Support Package 1 Released

Release Information

Support Package 1 for Design Studio 1.3 release is available for download on Service Marketplace.

Included Corrections are listed as links on the release note:

     1992588 – Design Studio 1.3: Release Note for Support Package 01

The content can be downloaded at Download of Support Packages for Letter “D”:


     Support Packages and Patches


Direct Links are also available in Product Availability Matrix (PAM)

Installation / Upgrade

In Design Studio all installers are self-contained and support full installation or upgrade from any lower version.

There is no need to install SP0 and make upgrade to SP1 – SP1 is already self-contained.

Change on Java Script Load

One improvement in Support Package 1 is the way how java scripts are loaded. In short sentence, the load of java scripts is no more application sepcific and this allows better caching on client side. Details in the SAP Note

     2057243 – Design Studio: Static Mimes Loading – Changed for Better Client Cache (in 1.3 SP1)

In case of any additional questions feel free to ask in this blog.

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      Author's profile photo Zahid Yener
      Zahid Yener

      Hi Karol Kalisz,

      I have few issues with this release. We were using DS 1.2 and developed some dashboards with it. Now, today, we upgraded to DS 1.3 SP01.

      Here are my issues after the upgrade:

      1. I am having performance issues. DS 1.2 was perfoming a lot better. This release is kind of slow.

      2. Some of my dashboards cannot seem to initialize. I found out that the dashboards which are set to load data sources in the background work well. However, the dashbaords that load the data sources in the start up, they seem that when initializing component stuck at some point and they are never initialized at all. Do you have any idea why?

      3. Legends of the charts are not wrapped in DS 1.3. The scroll bar comes out. In some cases, this is not desirable. Please check the thread below:

      "Scrolled" Legend in DS 1.3 charts

      4. We had a problem with DS 1.3 SP00 version. The charts wouldn't be resetted if an item selected on the chart. This SP01 supposed to solve this issue. It solved it at some point, but it is still not the same behaviour as DS 1.2 has. The new behaviour is like this when I select a value on the chart, it selects it and filters the data source. When I reset selection with a button, the selected item is still selected but doesn't apply a filter which is good because before it was also applying the filter. However, when I click on the chart to deselect the item, it selects all values and filters the data source. This is not how DS 1.2 behaves. This is also a problem. Would you please help on this? For more information, you check out the thread below:

      Re: DS 1.3 Charts will not release the selected Item.

      Otherwise, we will open an OSS note for this issue, They will probably say that this behaviour will be fixed in the next SP and we will go back to DS 1.2.

      Thanks for your help.


      Zahid Yener

      Author's profile photo Karol Kalisz
      Karol Kalisz
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Zahid,

      1. Could you please follow the blog "Design Studio Tips and Tricks: Measuring Performance" and send me on mail the profiling text files for your scenario in 1.2 release and in 1.3 release?

      btw. see How to Install 2 Design Studio Releases on One Client (for Testing ONLY!) to make the comparison easier.

      2. for this topic I would need to understand what exactly is happening. For initialization of data sources in background - you need to initialize them by explicit execution of the method DS_1.loadDataSource();

      the other points (3&4) can be followed in corresponding threads.

      Regards, Karol

      Author's profile photo Zahid Yener
      Zahid Yener

      I am sorry but there are so many issues with DS 1.3 SP01. It was a lot better without SP.

      I just found another one if my dimension is 0CALMONTH or 0CALMONTH2, If I use these dimensions on the charts and try to filter by clicking on the chart to other components, it doesn't work.

      SAP is not doing a good job lately. SAP development team should test the scenarios carefully before releasing. We will go back to DS 1.2.

      Thanks for your reply though.

      Author's profile photo Karol Kalisz
      Karol Kalisz
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Zahid,

      is this issue solved also by reply of my colleague in Re: DS 1.3 Charts will not release the selected Item.?

      Regards, Karol

      Author's profile photo Zahid Yener
      Zahid Yener

      Yes it is solved with the script Brian Coughlan provided. Thanks to him. But, I had to change scripts in my all dashboards. 🙁

      We opened a massage to SAP as well before. They said that they will introduce a new scripting function clear chart selection with DS 1.4.

      Thanks a lot for your help.