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Cost Element Value Categories for Hierarchy Reporting (PS and PM)

This document was created to assist the consultant in creating “Cost Clement value categories for Project reporting for standard SAP hierarchy reporting. I discovered that my cost elements were not assigned to the Value categories.

Value Categories are used to group cost for Standard SAP Hierarchy reports. The following are among the cost/revenue/payment values available for Value Category reports:

  • Actual
  • Commitment
  • Plan
  • Budget
  • Sales order
  • Results analysis
  • Internal business volume
  • Transfer price
  • Orders for projects
  • Overall plan

The PS (Project Systems) Value categories work for PS ‘hierarchy’ reports only, and not for Cost Element and line item reporting. Value categories are used to report Cost, Revenues or specific Statistical key figures (SKF’s). All Cost Elements should be Assigned a group or range of Cost Elements to the Value Categories for cost reporting within PS.

Validate the Cost Element Value Categories, by displaying the exiting Value Category assignments to determine the next step:

  1. Is each Cost Element assigned to at least “one” Value Category?
  2. Which category does the Cost Element belong?
  3. Are there enough “Value Categories” to assign
    the Cost Elements?
  4. Check this by using T-Code  CJVC


Once, the unassigned Cost Elements have been identified, the next step is to assign these Cost Elements to a Value Category.

Meet with the Accounting Manager or Controller to receive reportingguidance on how the Cost Elements should be categorized. The primary components of assigning Cost Element/s to a Value Category require the following:

  1. Cost Element- Determine the type of Cost Element to create with the following transactions
    1. FS00 for General Ledger accounts – click “edit Cost Element” button to create primary, revenue and the external settlement
    2. KA01 to create Cost Element
    3. KA06 for creating secondary Cost Elements
  2. Cost Element Group – classify Cost Elements with similar characteristics and to reduce data volume
    1. KAH1 to create Cost Element Groups – to classify Cost Elements with similar characteristics


The following components (Nodes) are required to create the Cost Element group.  Each node has exactly one parent node (predecessor). The “depth” (the level) of the node corresponds to the number of its predecessors increasing up to the root of one. This means that the roots have level 1.

  1. Name
  2. Level
  3. Cost Element


Create/Edit Value Category – OPI1 = configuration for Project systems Value Categories and OIK1 configuration for Plant Maintenance

When editing the “Value Category” ensure you are in the correct component, as some companies have multiple components in this example there are two.


Next select the Value Category to edit:


For this example select External Services.  Assign Cost Element to the Value Category – OPI2 = configuration


Next step is to enter the Cost Elements that will be assigned to this Value Category.  This can be done in two ways. The recommend method is #1

  1. Cost Element groups – The grouping of Cost Elements with similar characteristics. The Cost Element group is entered in the Value Category data field. Remember to update the Cost Element group when there are changes to the Cost Element.
  2. Individual Cost Element assignment – Enter a single value or a sequence using the “to” “from” data fields.

Once the Cost Elements have been assigned to a Value Category, execute CJVC to ensure all Cost Elements have been assigned.   If any Cost Elements are unassigned return to Step 1.

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  • The PS (Project Systems) Value categories work for PS 'hierarchy' reports only

    Structure reports, earned value, and the project planning board are also influenced by value categories.

  • Hi Tomiya,

    Nice Article on importance of Value Category in SAP PS.

    While creating the Value Categories, It is important to understand what is the business logic of grouping of the Cost elements.

    Sometimes not all cost which is accumulated in a Project can be readily assigned to one particular group of Value Categories. ( Overheads can be on of these).. 

    • Ok, got it the business logic is to assist in Cost management and budget preparation. I am working on expanding the document so look for updates soon.

    • Does this explain the need for two types of Value categories list? .

      one for project systems and one for Plant Maintenace as they track different cost. Project system provide value categories for revenue and SKF as the PM structure does not.

      Please advise... I just posted question for this please see my post

      tthank you


      • Hi Tomiya,

        Yes your understanding is correct. It explains the need of having two separate value categories for PS and PM. I have answered your other query as well, which you have posted in SAP PCM.



  • HI Tomiya,

    Good compilation. starters in PS will get good knowledge with this article.

    Also, scenarios where standard PS is not used, consultants can take advantage of this customization to cater customer requirements, rather than creating own Z tables.

    Thanks and regards,


  • How can I export all cost elements assigned to a specific cost element group or to a specific Value category? I do not want to do it manually via KAH3 because I have a lot of companies and it is also company dependecy.

    Thank you.


    • HI Rodica,

      You can achieve this in TC KAH2. Just go through the menu options in the initial screen of TC KAH2 and you will option "Export" or "Download". You can also upload the cost element with similar functionality.

      Thanks and regards,


    • Hi Rodica,

      If you don't want to use KAH2 or KAH3. You can download the Cost Elements for a particular group using Table SETLEAF. Pass the Subclass as 0102 ( Cost Element Group). Here the Set name is your CE Group Name.

      Hope it helps..