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The Report Card

I have written this blog on Feb 2nd , 2012( )and 2.5 years after that I sought to review the promises that i have made publicly.I had put a sticky notes on my personal laptop one for short term goals and another for long term goals.

The goals were following

  • SAP  CRM Sales
  • SAP CRM Services
  • SAP CRM Marketing
  • SAP Interaction Center
  • SAP Business Partner
  • PFCG & ACE
  • SAP CRM Middleware
  • SAP CRM BCM and Contact Center
  • SAP Variant Configuration
  • SAP ECC Pricing in SD
  • SAP CRM WebServices
  • SAP Solution Manager & ITSM process

I am very happy to say that apart form ECC FICO , I at least managed to lay my hand on most of the topics. CRM Service & Middleware are the only areas, that i have not been able to complete to my satisfaction. I had ordered SAP Press Books ( I would publish my reviews on them). I had ordered a book for ERP SD and read most portions of it and managed to understand the sales process , customizing and logistics process.I could de-clutter the following

  • Frameworks such as One Order, Marketing etc and touch upon areas such as Service & Marketing.
  • CRM middleware or how does a CRM system talk to ERP or a third party software
  • All areas in WebUI
  • PFCG & Access Control Engines.These are the backroom boys which restrict my access to links.( I hate them actually hence would like to conquer them).
  • Business Use of CRM.
  • Mobile CRM ( one of my friend has promised me to introduce this concept).
  • Consuming Web Services in SAP CRM
  • Sales & Distribution Module of SAP ECC as this is the back bone of order processing in SAP world.

             In the non-CRM areas i would like to fine tune my knowledge in the following areas

  • Web Services in general and in the SAP world doing some hands on this.

Some of my learning would get disseminated in the form of blogs( they are pending items on my list). I am currently working on them would publish them one by one.

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