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Multiple Selections in dashboards using Check Box with BW as a source for IPAD as Only multiple selectors in Dashboards “List Builder” doesn’t support on IPAD.

This Document will help you to populate mulitple values in bex variable using Check boxes.

Requirement:User wants pass multiple values in Bex variable from  IPAD.

Create a dashboard with Bex query as a source. As in my example I have used query which gives to zone wise sales depending upon report type. We have variable in BW as Report Type.

Report type  LOV are : W,X,Y,Z

1. Steps to create Dashboard please refer: Creating BO Dashboard from BEx Queries

2. Create a query using Query browser option in Dashboard design. Drag and drop the required fields in Result objects screen. Keep Refresh options as REFRESH ON TRIGGER OF CELL “Sheet1!$A$1”


3. Map the data to visualize to scorecard component.

4.  Map LOV of BW Variable “Report Type”  in excel cells say at cells Sheet1!$B$3:$B$6 


5. Now take 4 check box for each report type. Keep Cells in column “C” Empty



  • Source Data Sheet1!$B$3:$C$3
  • Destination Sheet1!$D$3


  • Source Data Sheet1!$B$4:$C$4
  • Destination Sheet1!$D$4


  • Source Data Sheet1!$B$5:$C$5
  • Destination Sheet1!$D$5


  • Source Data Sheet1!$B$6:$C$6
  • Destination Sheet1!$D$6

6. Use Following Formulas in cell:

     E3 =IF(D3=0,0,1)


     E5 =IF(D5=0,0,1)

     E6= IF(D6=0,0,1)


Add following Formulas:

F3 :=IF(OR(E4=0,SUM(E4:$E$6)=0),””,”;”)

F4 :=IF(OR(E5=0,SUM(E5:$E$6)=0),””,”;”)

F5 :=IF(OR(E6=0,SUM(E6:$E$6)=0),””,”;”)

F6 :=IF(OR(E7=0,SUM(E6:$E$7)=0),””,”;”)

G3= IF(E3=0,””)

G4= IF(AND(E3=0,E4=0),””)

G5= IF(AND(E3=0,E4=0,E5=0),””)

G6= IF(AND(E3=0,E4=0,E5=0,E6=0),””)

H3= IF(G3=0,””,F3)

H4=  IF(G4=0,””,F4)

H5= IF(G5=0,””,F5)

H6=  IF(G6=0,””,F6)

7. In cell A1(Trigger cell) = CONCATENATE(D3,H3,D4,H4,D5,H5,D6,H6)

8. When We click Check Box 1 , and 3, Value in D3 = W ,D4 = “”,D5=Y,D6 =””


9. Value in Trigger Cell will be “W;Y” whichis passed to bex Query .

10. Whenever you select the check box , Query got refreshed with selected values(Depending Upon selected item: Checked/Unchecked)

Hope it Helps!!

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