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Doctors Without Borders, Epic Birthday Smackdown, Part cuatro

There has been a little bit of trash-talking between Greg Myers and me – surrounding our challenge to see who can get the most money raised for Doctors Without Borders.

You see, not only are Greg and I fellow ASUG volunteers, and fellow SAP Mentors, but we just happen to share a birthday. That makes us Birthday Buddies. We share a love of dogs, and logic, and some geeky stuff (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings?) but we also share something else.

We share the belief that people should get medical care, no matter who they are, where they live, or what their religious or political affiliations are.

That’s why we are supporting Doctors Without Borders.

In all sincerity, the SAP Community Network has done an outstanding job so far of joining in this effort (as part of the ‘I Care, I Gave, I Inspire’ missions) You can see the full list of SCN Missionshere.

But enough about sincerity. All work and no play makes Greg a dull boy.

We are more than willing to subject ourselves to a little good teasing in order to raise awareness for this cause. We are smacktalking each other on Twitter (follow @scn_ebs) and we even have a poll you can visit if you care to weigh in on what the stakes for our bet should be (current front runner? Greg, in a ‘Glamour Shot’, in an outfit chosen by Jamie Oswald). If you care to vote in this poll – go for it! There is even space to write in your own suggestion, just keep it clean, OK?

Hope you have fun with this – I know Greg and I certainly are. And having fun WHILE trying to do something good? Priceless.

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