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Define an older JDK as the default for Build in NWDI 7.x

We recently migrated from NWDI installed within a Solution Manager JAVA stack (BIG NO NO) to a new NWDI instance on NW 7.4 JAVA.  In our scenario – an upgrade was not an option.  Also – we still have active development in a NW 7.0 Enterprise Portal environment so the default JDK with NW 7.4 NWDI was too high.  Here are the steps required (with screenshots) on how to change the default JDK version for builds in NWDI 7.4.  Please post questions in the comments section!  Thank you!

  • Logon to NWA for NWDI system
  • Navigate to Operations > Systems > Start & Stop


  • Select JAVA Services and filter on ‘cbs’ for Service Component Name


  • Select the service ‘’ and click More Actions > View Service Properties


  • Select the Property ‘BUILD_TOOL_JDK_HOME’ and click Modify


  • Enter the path to the default JDK to be used for all CMS
  • In this case it’s “/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_08″


  • Click Save and then ‘Back’ link in upper right
  • Stop and then Start the CMS service.


  • Default JDK path is now applied
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