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Utopia to Design Revolution – AppHaus

Eventually, the paradigm of ‘Good to have’ has shifted to ‘Must have’, in essence of Design and User Experience.

The onus of great design and better UX, interestingly, is no more confined to the designer only,

but to all of them, who are part of the process. From requirement gathering to product launch, refurbishing to revamping.

Everyone involved, should possess an orientation to improve the user experience.

In mutual harmony, the Designers, Developers and the Customers can propel various creative ideas to fabricate the best user experience.

To capture these creativity & innovations; more to ensure no piece of thought goes un-noticed, an unique effort has been put to precisely furbish and position each component and create AppHaus.

The AppHaus is a place meant to facilitate creativity, but as a matter of fact, in itself, it’s a design magnificence.

Certainly, the AppHaus, is a concept of a utopia in terms of design and UX.

You’ll find all the components of AppHaus to be beyond mere aesthetic! Everywhere you find, the convention has been tweaked for a purpose. e.g.

  • The attic is not concealed, in an intent to show the complexity and randomness.


  • Greenery all along, to keep freshness in the ambience.

IMG_20140730_094107478_HDR_rnm - Copy.jpg

  • Vibrant wallpapers which revitalizes the mind.


  • Nomenclature of the Meeting rooms, ilk, Ladakh, gives a feel of beautiful terrain, albeit the most challenging one!

      A challenge cracked, is a beauty achieved.


  • Brainteasers and intellectual games to keep honing the thought process.


Over here, what matters the most, is the agility of every participant. Rather than ‘leaning out’ of a problem, ‘leaning in’ towards a problem at hand, carries significance.

Respecting other’s opinion and listening twice; to ensure all ideas, however small or big, are preserved.

In all sense, it’s a bizarre arena – A place where ideas can flow smoothly, and open conversations can go without hierarchy barrier.

Intention is to encourage free-flow of ideas, constructive brainstorming, towards a design transformation.

The focus and strategy is purposed at rendering best in class and most intuitive product to accord customer’s requirement.

The mission is accomplished by listening to customers’ requirement and incorporating their feedback with agility to transform into products.

Note: This writ is enunciated from the comprehension gathered from the inaugural event of AppHaus, Bangalore on 30th July 2014.

Happy Reading!

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