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Finding My Way

As I sit here beginning this blog I ask myself, what do people want to read about?  What hasn’t been written about and how can I be unique so people can relate to me, my thoughts, opinions and views?  Most of all, what do I want to write about because if I don’t want to write about it, I might as well stop now!  I don’t want to be a blog that no one reads or comments on. I also don’t want to be that boring blog that just talks about the next support pack, version or how to create a really cool Web Intelligence report.  I want people to relate to me, understand my struggles, and invite comments. Every day I strive to become a better person, consultant and friend to the people that I know.

Everyone has their own path and there has been more than one time that I have either been told or thought one of the following:

  • That isn’t the right way or that is wrong
  • That is not the politically correct way
  • You should do it this way instead

One thing I can say is that it was ‘MY WAY’.  I have been influenced by many people in my life and they have altered how I view aspects of my life and decisions that I have made. This has allowed me to wake up in the morning with the knowledge that I have made my own decisions and have not followed in someone else’s footsteps.  This has led to where I am today and I continue to learn from my experiences and crossroads.  Being a consultant is difficult at times.  I know my friends have been jealous that I get to see the country due to my travel schedule but that novelty wears off very quickly.  I have spent over 1 million miles on a plane in less than 10 years and that isn’t something to brag about nor do I wish that upon anyone.  Most of you can relate to what I am speaking about.  You can also relate to how difficult it is to raise a family and be away more than 50% of the time.  There are times that you get a local project and it is great but I have to say there are times that I get the ‘itch’ to get back on the road.  There are some people that are made for the road while others are not.  I feel like I am right in the middle.  I try to enjoy each city that I visit, every person that I meet and every situation that I experience.

This leads me to my blog and wanting to write these thoughts down and hope that I can shed some positive light on topics and my experiences as a consultant and my path that I continue to make.  Let me give you a little background on who I am before I complete the introduction to my blog.

My name is Tim Korba and I am 36 years old.  I live in the Los Angeles area but was born and raised in Westchester County, NY.  I find myself with over 12 years of SAP experience all of which, resided within the Business Intelligence field.  Every time I found myself in another city or country, for both pleasure and business, I find myself looking back to how I became so blessed.  I know that everyone has their own path, some planned out while others are not.  I fall within the category of not planned out. I will be honest, I never saw myself becoming an SAP professional nor did I know what SAP was when I was attending college.  I was a football player and that was always my passion.  I was able to attend Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY and I was lucky to be a 2 year starter of their 1AA football team.  Like many people that have taken this path, I was unable to continue playing but did have some good experiences including a tryout for the XFL in Chicago, IL where I was able to personally meet Dick Butkis.  He even asked me who I played for after (I would say) a pretty good catch that I made.  What I found through my life, was my drive for football had extended to my career and later my family.  I truly believe that I have football to thank for many of my successes.  It is funny how life works…a job at the computer lab that I was provided while on the football team blossomed into my 2nd passion in computers.  Back then, I was answering questions on how to use email and the Internet, which sounds like ions ago but really was only about 16 years ago…lol…well I guess that is longer than I realize.  Now we have things like HANA, who can process more than that commodore 64 that we all use to have…lol…does HANA require a floppy drive?

Everyone has views, ideas and thoughts on everyday things and it is sometimes the hardest to put these things into writing. Finding my Way will be just that, tell you how I found my way, building from my football days and how I continue to mature and improve my skillsets, bandwidth and family, both SAP and immediate.

Please comment on how you started as a consultant in the SAP field?  It is always interesting to hear others stories.  Hope everyone enjoys future blogs by me and I hope to keep up on a consistent basis.

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