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SAP Techkiz – Preparing Students for Hi-Tech

Last week we hosted some 40 Computer Science students from universities in Israel, for the first round of Techkiz – a full 5-day course preparing the students for real-life Hi-Tech career.

Techkiz 2014 collage.png

The course, offered at no cost, was designed to equip a first to second year students with plenty of practical knowledge about the work in the Hi-Tech industry and bridge the gap between academia studies and industry requirements. The Techkiz content is not about SAP technologies and will advance students for a career in all Hi-Tech companies, SAP competitors included.

In the course, the students learned about subjects related to the technology world, as well as employment skills and knowledge, such as: job profiles in Hi-Tech, Database trends, cloud computing, Web development architecture, user experience, development methodologies, software development life-cycle, writing resume and passing a job interview, Design Thinking workshop and more. In intimate panel discussions the Techkiz participants met SAP students employees and senior SAP Labs leaders.

The Techkiz course was a huge success, beyond any expectation, judging from the students’ feedbacks and the SAP team’s feeling. Much as the students enjoyed it, Techkiz pulled more than 30 SAP emplyees who “took it personally”, literaly, worked for weeks in preparations and delivered all sessions in a professional manner and dedication. The students really loved them, as exhibited in this single quote:

An amazing course of utmost importance! when I approach Mor on the first day he told me that by the 5th day I’ll have a completely different point of view, indeed he was right! An amazing course that puts your first foot at the door of Hi-Tech and software. Outstanding content worthwhile listening to, as every bit of information is a whole world in itself in every Hi-Tech company. I will strongly recommend all my friends to go to Techkiz

Given the students’ high demand, we decided on the last day to invite them for an additional 1-day workshop on mobile development. The course ended with a a mingling on the SAP Labs cool roof, drinking beers and having snacks, while receiving participation certificates and a Techkiz branded Disk on Key with all presentations on it.

However not directly educating the studetns on SAP per-se, their impression and experience from a week with us generated a most positive opinion on SAP, an outcome that will surely proliferate to other millenials in Israel.

As Techkiz attracted nearly 200 students who applied for the first round, and given its tremendous success, we are already working on the next round.

Techkiz = your keys to Hi-Tech!

Techkiz 2014 collage.png
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