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Debugging HR PA Dynamic Action

Sometimes we have done comlex dynamic action with many conditions and own subroutines. And this black box doesn’t work with any message 🙁

Fortunately we can debug and see all results.

Logic is in  include MPPERS00 (FORM dyn_measure) for every PA INFOTYPE (MPXXXX00 programs)

Start of code.

SELECT * FROM t588z WHERE infty EQ psparinfty

and finishs after

PERFORM measure.





   MOVE pspardmsnr TO last_dmsnr.

Set breakpoint on (MOVE pspardmsnr TO last_dmsnr) for program MP000000 (0000 Infotype).

I performed hire action and got results.

Internal table DYNMEAS contains two actions which will trigger.


Internal table INITIAL_VALUE contains values for new/modified infotypes with reference to  actions in DYNMEAS (field dmsnr for dynmeas-seqnr).


We can see values for two dynamic actions from t588z



If business logic in t588z is not enough you can add values to tables DYNMEAS and INITIAL_VALUE in your subroutines with F operations


Dynamic action counter is in global variable LAST_DMSNR.

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