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Internet Of Things Is Shapping The Way We Live And Work

The Internet of Things booth at the SAPHIRE conference had a very interactive display. The Internet of Things links an actual object the internet. Theses objects are connected to the internet to collect data so that your company can preform many things with that information. The booth at the conference had a demo crane demonstrating that the use of sensors can predict an accident before it happens. The cranes sensors will actually stop the crane before it collides into a building or another construction crane. The sensors are connected to the internet.  Around the clock data is collected.  The data predicts things such as how near accidents have happened, how fast the crane operators are moving the crane and much more. All the data is collected is sent to the head office and they can make changes to their operations in real time.

   This type of technology is actually important to have to predict future accidents to measure the safety  and so much more. One of the most interesting aspects of the Internet of Things is that many of its products can personalize the customer experience. SAP has started putting the same technology in simple things like vending machines. These vending machines personalize your shopping experience. They offer you choices only you as a shopper would like. The machine recognizes you when you hold up your device and it will remember what type of pop or chips you like. It just makes the whole experience for the customer better. For the company selling these products the vending machines collect data on the most popular products that they are selling all other types of statistics. The machines also will report to you in real time which location has the highest foot traffic and which machines sell out the fastest.

Overall the Internet of Things is about is data-driven intelligence. It helps you measure how successful your product or operation is. This world will just get more controlled by technology. Marshall McLuhan said “ First we shape our tools and then our tools shapes us.” Now SAP is shaping our tools to benefit our overall quality of life. A simple thing like analytics and apps can help businesses and individuals measure their success in real time so they can better themselves or their business. Soon everything will be attached to the Internet of Things. It used to be a scary thought but now people at SAP are taking the Internet and using it to make the world a more productive accessible place.

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